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    • Imagine a system that reduced the number of people who qualified for unemployment; and that limited unemployment benefits to $275 a week.


      So the governor could claim unemployment was low in his state.

      So that businesses saved $2 billion in unemployment taxes.

      Add in a pandemic where over 6 million people nationally have lost their jobs, a number that is expected to grow to more than double that amount.

      “It’s a sh-- sandwich, and it was designed that way by Scott,” said one DeSantis advisor. “It wasn’t about saving money. It was about making it harder for people to get benefits or keep benefits so that the unemployment numbers were low to give the governor something to brag about.”

      The new online system was part of a series of changes designed to limit benefits. The ultimate goal — which it delivered on — was to lower unemployment taxes paid by Florida businesses. A 2011 analysis done by the Florida Legislature estimated that the changes pushed by Scott would save businesses more than $2.3 billion between 2011 and 2020. 

      Now, as thousands of people try to get help, the system crashes or denies them access. Nearly 400,000 people have managed to file claims in the last two and half weeks. It’s not known how many have tried and failed. 

      Most of those who do submit applications won’t qualify for aid, and the benefits that are paid out are among the most meager in the country — a maximum of $275 a week.


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    • Florida is a weird state. Always considered a "swing state" even though it seems to almost always go red. It'll be interesting to see if it actually goes blue this year.