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    • Thanks, Jazli. I hadn’t heard of this film but now I’ll go for sure. I didn’t realize there was so much separation between rich & poor in South Korea, but this is certainly topical here in the US.

    • I guess it's normal for some movies to open in certain parts of the world much earlier than in other parts. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for example only opened in Malaysia about a month after the US release. I guess distributors know which kinds of movies will be a big hit in which parts of the world, and release the movies accordingly.

    • The film has received a second wind after dominating the Oscars, so many people are now watching the film for the first time (or a second in a cinematic rerun). If anybody has watched this film and was blown away by it, I'd like to know why?

      Was it the shock and awe factor? Was it the cinematography? Was it the subtle messages throughout the film? Was it the social implications of it? Why did you enjoy the film as much as you did?