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    • I love that perfect picture of yours, such a happy sight! For me the Ural lust goes back to the days when I could get my hands on one brought in by Ukrainians, after the fall of the Berlin wall, in the local flea market, but they were too expensive! I do recall one particular side car version on which the gentleman routed some flexible metal tubing to bring a bit of exhaust gases onto the rider's hands as a warming up device! Heated grips weren't invented yet, and to regulate heat flow he had garden hose look alike valves inline on those pipes. Eventually I bought a new Jawa 350 from them, and loved it.

      The electric Ural really is very cool, thank you for that! Back to the OP topic, I think the only reason we are hanging on to internal combustion (aside from big money for the corporations) is for me at least the coolness of a rumbling engine and the distance - range which can't be beat given the current infrastructure of refueling stations. But really all practical factors are in favor of electrics, it's just a matter of time before finding a gas station will become a challenge.. I didn't say how much time, I wish I knew that. lol!

    • Beauty! Reminds me of my teen summers in Russia, secretly riding grandpa's motorcycle with cousin and friends :-)