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    • What a fantastic talk, at least — for me — the first half was. I have a friend who is the head moderator at ADVrider and was once a county sheriff and Army Colonel. He says there are three sides to every story: one side, the other side, and the truth.

      I was acutely aware of this when writing my own talk because I wanted it to pass any fact checking. For each paragraph I wrote, I asked what critics would say, and would they have a point?

      What I think I have discovered in my life, however, is you don’t always control your narrative — even when it’s true. I don’t think I’d like to go back in time to tell Churchill to consider what other people think of him. Or to get him focused on his obituary.

      I think there are people whose narratives seemed insane at the time. I worked for one of them. But they turned out to be accurate and thank God they were sure enough of them to stick to them come Hell or high water. Or in Churchill’s case, war.

    • I have been listening to TED talks for some time now in my van while I'm traveling. This one I recently listened to and got some good insight from it. Recently as I had been grumbling under my breath about how where I worked had changed from the company I went to work for 19 years ago. I decided to rewrite my story and retired much earlier than I originally planned.

      A few weeks after I put in my notice, I gave them 30 days, I listened to this TED talk and it made me feel better about the decision I made. I was terrified of leaving the workplace that had been my home for 19 years but I was miserable and needed to move on.

      Here I am three months later and I'm feeling much better about my decision and planning for the future enjoying life before it is over.

      I'm looking forward to listening to Chris' talk.