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    • I do agree with you but I just think we always need to be aware of the fact motivations may lie behind all of our stories and use this as we process what is being communicated. Hitler was a master manipulator of stories and was able to prey on an angry German population to achieve his goals. Radio was his manipulation amplifier. I just had a debate with my son where I upset him by saying the truth is subjective. So I gave in and admitted the perception of truth is subjective. So as long as you have sides to a story I believe we are always going to have struggles digging for the truth. Especially as the amplifiers connecting us become more powerful in reach and fail to provide sufficient user controls.

    • Oh I believe it goes both ways for certain. How many people blame themselves when they are the victims. I always say Mental Health is at the top of the list of the problems we need to become serious about. I agree with Andrew Yang in his platform of providing universal mental health coverage. I have lost a couple of friends to depression and have attempted to help friends with anxiety and have been amazed at how poorly the system is run.

    • Thank you very much. So far so good and I'm very happy I took the leap to change my story. There is more to that type of advise then I ever guessed there would be. The side benefit to retiring is I feel much better, my healthy is getting better by the day and I'm losing unwanted weight without trying. Stress, really did take a toll on me.