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    • Blood, sweat and tears. Most people want to buy furniture from someone who’s literally put their heart into it - handcrafted, versus manufactured. And that’s why up until now, people haven’t gone to Amazon to buy furniture. I’ve spent years building my tables in a 350 square foot apartment, and selling them around NYC for very reasonable prices. I’ve made over 500 tables, benches and desks. It’s unbelievable, I originally thought I was going to make just ten, now it’s one of the most well known furniture lines in NYC.

    • Your first few failed startups are actually gateways. Each of my first few failed startups boosted my reputation as a survivor, a fighter in tech. Also, prepare to go crazy trying to get everyone to understand the problem you’re trying to fix. Most of them probably don’t even know that specific problem exists. AirBNB was completely laughed at at first. But look at it now!

    • We’re excited to be focusing on the hip-hop industry, especially NYC’s hip-hop scene. They have incredible energy and followers. 

    • Instagram - my cofounder and I can be followed @TheGridmakers. We go backstage with all of the artists we’re working with, and we keep you updated on the hottest musicians, and share updates on our apps.