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    • All praise. 100% praise. No questions asked. Celebrities are like “of course, we’re in!” And for me, I’ve never had this kind of position before, and for years I’ve tried to get talent attention, it’s kind of unbelievable we’re getting this much support this quickly. Which means we’re here at the right time, and we’ve found the right way to take advantage of social media in the right way, without stepping on anyone’s feet. We see other GIF sharing competitors as companions not competitors. That’s one of my #1 goals for a startup - be everyone’s companion, not a competitor.

    • Getting to go to a recording session, making a documentary in Michael Jackson’s Thriller recording studio in Los Angeles. That was one of my most favorite experiences. The studio, outside all you see is a cement wall, which was designed to keep it from standing out intentionally, and as soon as you get inside, it looks like 1975 - stone walls, Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson photos all over the walls, and then you realize you’re using the recording studio that Michael Jackson used for Off the Wall. It’s an amazing experience for anyone who gets to go inside. 

      For me, getting to write the music for Obama was the biggest musical experience of my life. Getting a phone call asking if I could put together a few different types of music to match the different emotions they were asking for in a short period of time, and then getting a phone call a week before the election- it was one of the most unforgettable mornings of my life, waking up to 20 different messages, all from Obama’s ad agency, saying they needed me to give them written permission to use my music, because Obama had voted it into his ad personally. And they couldn’t use it until I gave them authorization. I still have Facebook messages from it! That was an insane morning for me. I gave them authorization and within less than a week it became his biggest ad around the world, and they later came to me and said that they think this ad was what won the swing states for the 2012 election. 

    • That’s a good question. Probably that it takes longer than one would think to get funded. Most startups are created and operated by 1-2 people inside their homes. A lot of us have to have part time jobs simultaneously. Cofounders are the last to eat dinner at the table. Money will come, but don’t quit your day jobs until it does!

    • You’ve also been a hands on person with your own line of handcrafted tables, Wine & Hammer, made right here in NYC! What do you think is the secret to making furniture that people love?

    • Blood, sweat and tears. Most people want to buy furniture from someone who’s literally put their heart into it - handcrafted, versus manufactured. And that’s why up until now, people haven’t gone to Amazon to buy furniture. I’ve spent years building my tables in a 350 square foot apartment, and selling them around NYC for very reasonable prices. I’ve made over 500 tables, benches and desks. It’s unbelievable, I originally thought I was going to make just ten, now it’s one of the most well known furniture lines in NYC.

    • Your first few failed startups are actually gateways. Each of my first few failed startups boosted my reputation as a survivor, a fighter in tech. Also, prepare to go crazy trying to get everyone to understand the problem you’re trying to fix. Most of them probably don’t even know that specific problem exists. AirBNB was completely laughed at at first. But look at it now!