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    • Your book reviews are fascinating and provide my only real window into books like this at the moment. I feel I have to prioritize my reading to support my career (yesterday I read Trey Ratcliff's book on Instagram), so your review was like a condensed version of the book for me.

      I may have mentioned that back in the day I produced a documentary for Stanford, just for students to watch in class. And then PBS picked it up, showed it in various countries around the world, and we beat out National Geographic and NOVA to take 2nd place at The National Educational Film Festival.

      It's about earthquakes and how they affected ancient history in the Middle East, which I found completely fascinating (I'm a geophysicist). I shot most of it and edited it all, so I didn't have the pros the other companies did and I made a ton of mistakes. I wish I could do it over again knowing what I know now, but it's the story that carried it.

    • @Chris

      I would be interested in reading a Cake post from you on the rift that runs northwards from Africa through the Levant both with regards to its physical properties and also with regards to its impact upon the peoples of the ANE and of ancient northeast Africa. (I know that Egypt can be classified as part of the ANE but I'm not certain how many of the other ancient countries along both the Aqaba and the Suez and the area to the immediate west of Egypt -is- ARE considered ANE.)

    • I had no idea! There's a surprise around every corner with you. I will find the time to watch that doc, as it sounds really interesting.

      While I have your attention, can you explain why the images linked in this thread don't show up in the index thread? Is it only attached images that show up?