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    • I definitely agree with that reasoning. I like being able to get a news overview via apps like Google News (or the feed formerly known as Google Now) that isn't completely restricted by what random news sources I stumbled upon before - but at the same time, it is annoying that it keeps suggesting low-quality items for topics that I have some general interest in, without allowing me any fine-tuning beyond claiming my complete disinterest in either the topic or the source.

      Self-curating sounds great in theory - but I'm terrible at that, and I know it. My Feedly sources are a mess - and before that, my Google+ circles were a mess as well (and before even that, same for Facebook or whatever else I tried). I wonder how long before the Cake topics I'm following are neither here nor there as well - not because Cake is doing anything wrong, but just because I'm not the type of person to properly deal with that...

      ...I wonder if there is a good, third option between "fully manual" and "fully automated" that could help people like me. :)