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    • It is a goal and an achievement to reach unread count zero that keeps me hooked and coming back.

      I'm the same way. I like to use Feedly as a news aggregate for my favorite sources. I've curated each RSS feed into my own top-level categories. A few times a day, I like to skim the headlines, read one or two articles, and mark other interesting ones to read later. Then I mark everything else as "read" and move on with my day. Next time I come back... new shiny stuff to look at! It's a satisfying process. When I have bigger chunk of time, like on the weekends, I go through the articles I marked to read later.

      I'm the same way with my email inbox. I archive everything I've read or responded to so that my inbox is always empty. It's so much more manageable and doesn't give me that feeling of being "buried" in work.

      Long live RSS!

    • Never really got into Reddit. Not quite sure why, it simply flew by me. I do have an account, and often get inbound links to it, but never got the feel of it as a place. It never grew into a 'destination' for me.

    • For me, in the main feed I mostly follow particular interesting people who either are funny or insightful, or surface interesting stories. But, other than that I also maintain a separate twitter lists (news, science, technology...) which I use somewhat like RSS, so there I mostly put publications and other media sources. In the main feed I go through everything (and curate accordingly, to fine tune the volume of tweets), but the lists I dip into from time to time, and skip ahead whenever it gets backed up, trusting that any really important stuff will find me thru other channels.

    • For those of you who do use RSS feeds, I have some good news: Cake now has RSS feeds!

      Okay, technically they're Atom feeds, which are slightly better in many ways, but these days people tend to use "RSS" as a blanket term for any common feed format. 😉

      We're starting with feeds for Featured ConversationsAll Conversations, and for conversations in every individual topic. For example, here's the feed for the Cake feedback topic. These feeds will work in any feed reader that supports Atom (which should be all of them).

      We don't yet have Atom feeds for users or for posts in individual conversations, but we plan to roll those out eventually too (it'll just take a bit more work to do them well).

      Hope you enjoy!