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    • They can pry my RSS feeds from my cold, dead hands. Also Feedly user. And I still bear a grudge against Google for killing the Reader.

      I check Google News once a day, and Twitter is probably better in surfacing new and unexpected sources of news, but RSS is still the best way to quickly run through a bunch of sources in a single place.

    • I used Feedly and Flipboard in the past, but never really saw a purpose in it with my social media usage. First G+, now Twitter. Social media is my "RSS feed".

    • It is a goal and an achievement to reach unread count zero that keeps me hooked and coming back.

      I'm the same way. I like to use Feedly as a news aggregate for my favorite sources. I've curated each RSS feed into my own top-level categories. A few times a day, I like to skim the headlines, read one or two articles, and mark other interesting ones to read later. Then I mark everything else as "read" and move on with my day. Next time I come back... new shiny stuff to look at! It's a satisfying process. When I have bigger chunk of time, like on the weekends, I go through the articles I marked to read later.

      I'm the same way with my email inbox. I archive everything I've read or responded to so that my inbox is always empty. It's so much more manageable and doesn't give me that feeling of being "buried" in work.

      Long live RSS!