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    • I follow a lot of publications and authors, but also other accounts as well, so my feed is quite jumbled. This might be a problem for many people, but I don't really mind it. I follow more publications and journalists/authors/influencers than I do people I actually know (friends etc), so my Twitter feed is mostly news, with other non-news content interspersed between the news.

    • For me, in the main feed I mostly follow particular interesting people who either are funny or insightful, or surface interesting stories. But, other than that I also maintain a separate twitter lists (news, science, technology...) which I use somewhat like RSS, so there I mostly put publications and other media sources. In the main feed I go through everything (and curate accordingly, to fine tune the volume of tweets), but the lists I dip into from time to time, and skip ahead whenever it gets backed up, trusting that any really important stuff will find me thru other channels.