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    • I live in Mountain View and we have an awesome, thriving, packed library. I love to work there. It has comfortable, quiet booths with lightning fast wifi, surrounded by real paper books and magazines.

      I thought libraries would die but they are thriving, at least where I live.

      And now if you're sick, olde, lazy, or busy, you have this:

      It's crazy to watch it go to someone's house on its own, wait in front for them to come out and put in their books, and head back to the library. It's a project of Google, whose campus is just a few miles away. I guess it has a human overlord following behind for awhile to see how it goes, and then it will be remotely monitored.

      It's a novelty now getting all the stares, but I suppose soon it will be like the autonomous cars we see in our neighborhood every 10 minutes.

      Do you think our sidewalks will be full of these things dropping off lunch soon?

    • That's just what I was going to say! If the Book Bot picks up your books and that results in some kind of a delay, are you still potentially liable for fines? I'm a huge fan of libraries but haven't had a card since I moved to New York City (and yes, I know I should). Below used to be my main library, the Los Angeles Public Library Central Branch!

      Apparently it's one of the largest libraries in the world. No robots though!

    • I spoke at that library to a huge crowd of librarians. It was about growing up with a mentally ill mom on the streets in Oakland, and how wonderful the librarians were to us. Mom kept her library card despite not having an address and we went there most days to check out more books. The librarians were always nice and would say "Good afternoon Miriam, what did you think of the last books you read?" Mom would beam and tell them about major plotlines and characters.

      Librarians say their biggest interest in the book bot is getting overdue books back. For some reason, some people have trouble returning them.

    • What happens if you have a seriously book-loving big family and your average library return would break the bot?

      We use multiple return slots at a time at the drive through. 😬 🙈

    • I would say I am not proud of my some of my teenage behavior; let's just say this was done by a friend of mine. During early apricot season, these teenagers would lay in wait in the apricot trees with wrist-rockets and load up on green apricots and fire away at cars on Prospect road. I guess "they" rarely hit a car but once they did and I heard that the guy chased them in his truck that was hit with a green apricot.

      Those same kids would delight in seeing something like this motoring down the sidewalk...and, even though Google has eyes everywhere, those kids would take that as an extra challenge to get away with "killing the bot". hahahahha

    • Oh God, I did the same thing with pea shooters, looking for cars with open windows so we could hit the passengers. Somebody stopped his car and marched over to me promising to mess me up, so I never did it again.