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    • And a few of his mates. I was out shooting a test bike in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane, saw a nice green backdrop by the side of the road - and when I stopped it drew a crowd.

    • You're test-riding a Victory now? I want your life.

      When I rented a bush camper in Cairns to explore the north, it had a huge roo bar rack thing on the front, which all the big trucks seemed to have. It felt like kangaroos were everywhere streaking across the highway and I wondered how the motorcyclists stay safe.

      No problem for you?

    • 160 horsepower Victory with that ‘uge turbo hanging out front of it. I rode the Harley test bike to pick it up too.

      Yes kangaroos are a problem at night. I don’t ride after dark much unless in or close to urban areas. Daytime not so much. North of Cairns a bigger problem is the cattle that aren’t fenced.

    • I had my share of animal encounters on two wheels, nocturnal ones are the worst. I once hit a large deer that jumped at me, with a Guzzi Stelvio, and managed to stay upright. It ripped the whole luggage rack on left side. But the most fascinating one was seeing a NewFoundland full rack huge Moose galloping leisurely alongside me at 55 mph. At night!