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    • On the weekend I read David Frum's book Trumpocalypse and found it to be an easy read, thought provoking, enlightening and hopeful. It provides insights into the mess that Trump and the Republicans are creating but then gives a number of ideas on how America can move forward after Trump. Some may not like Frum from his past relationship with Bush, but he has a lot of fresh ideas that really provide ways to counter much of the direction the USA went starting in the Bush years. I'm more left leaning but find Frum's conservative views refreshing. For any of you that have heard him on TV or in social media you'll know that Frum is a big hater of Trump and the current state of the Republican party. He proposes ways for the Democrats to counter the gerrymandering that the Republicans have bent in their favor.

      Some of the things he talks about include: ending the filibuster, making part of the district of Columbia a state to counter the imbalance in voting, adopting a modern voting rights act, depoliticizing law enforcement, how to unite Americans, health care ideas, ideas about illegal and legal immigration, prisons, climate change, carbon taxes, eating less meat, lowering commute times, redirecting military spending, CO2 reduction, nuclear and where to get money for expanded health care. Frum also spends a lot of time talking about how to restore America's influence and respect around the world.

      Trumpocalypse almost reads like a how to manual for the Democrats and it seems Frum is now more of a democrat than conservative. I think he realizes many of the mistakes in the Bush years (he apologizes at one point in the book) and sees that Democratic ideas in the USA are more centrist than left if you compare them with the rest of the developed advanced countries.

      All in all I think Frum's book really helped me understand some of the things that are happening to American, how this all developed and what to do in the wake of the carnage that the Republicans have created. Even if you haven't been a Frum supporter or fan in the past I think you should give his new book at least some consideration. I'll continue watching and reading anything by Frum that I can get my hands on. As a self proclaimed leftist, I find Frum's ideas refreshing and widen my perspective of American politics, economics, culture and influence.

      Give it a read and get some hope back into your life.

    • This sounds pretty interesting.

      The title made me think of Putin's Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia?

      Which is a really good book, a bit old now written in 2014 I think, but really insightful and helps you to understand a lot about the Russian political system, why Putin isn't going away anytime soon, and who really runs the country and owns everything.

      Not an easy or light read, I found myself keep needing to refer back to check which name was who and what company owned what other company, but maybe it's a lot easier if you speak Russian :-)

      I'd definitely recommend taking a look if you happen to stumble on a copy.