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    • It's happening in Ireland, link

      The snowflake generation will learn nothing if they think that all problems can be solved by someone else / by surgery / instead of taking personal responsibility for their own actions. Parents also to blame... I've honestly never read anything so rediculous in my life.

      Unless there is a serious medical condition which explains a childs obesity, kick the little fecker outside and tell him / her to run, play, climb. Don't send them for surgery.

      From the greatest generation to this...

    • The sad truth and statistics is that almost no adults lose weight except by gastric bypass. It's a fairly well kept secret but it's getting out. If that is true - and it is - then what should obese parents do with kids who are too fat just like them? I'd never heard of gastric bypass or rescriction on kids but...maybe it's the best way for now :( I'm speaking as someone who generally has 6-7% body fat.