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    • I was never interested in watching 1917. I thought it was just another war film. Then I found out what was special about it and it won the Oscar for best cinematography, then my interest peaked. A film told from a single perspective in one single continuous take for the entire film? I was lucky that the cinemas here in Malaysia are celebrating the Oscars by having reruns of the winners, so I was able to not only catch 1917 in the cinema today, but also in IMAX, which I feel is the only way you should watch this movie.

      The plot is simple enough. Two soldiers must deliver a message, but to do that they must traverse across vast distances with enemy soldiers in their way. The manner in which the story was told is what makes it truly special. Everything about this movie was incredible, none more so than the fact that it is presented as one single continuous take from beginning to end. Just imagine, no camera cuts, no back and forth between different characters or different sets, just one sweeping camera movement throughout the entire film as we follow the two soldiers from beginning til the end. Obviously, the film wasn't shot in one continuous take, but the fact that it can be presented as such means that the amount of planning, synchronisation, choreography, and sheer effort to make this film work is mind-boggling. The sets were incredible, the landscape, and the music. Geez. The music is just as important as the cinematography to get audiences immersed in the film, and it was amazing.

      This film was not just a great movie, but an incredible cinematic experience. You won't get the same energy watching it on a smaller screen. If you haven't watched it yet and it's still showing in a cinema near you, I suggest you catch it before it's too late.

    • This film wasn't on my radar either.

      I loved
      "They Shall not Grow Old", but missed being made aware of this one -

      The video link above gives a pretty compelling story and I definitely plan to see it now, while it is still here in my community in the local theatre - but its not an IMAX.

      Thanks for the heads up!

    • I was going to wait to see it when it'll be available for rent, but now @JazliAziz, you got me all excited to see it in a theater. One thing I can't replicate at home is a visceral sound that I can only hear through theater's sound system.