Part two of the battle with Thanos premieres on Friday April 26th. It feels like it will be beyond what’s been done in the past.

I was hesitant to watch part one, Avengers Infinity War, based on the trailers I saw in the theaters last year. It seemed like it was going to be too many characters with too little time for dialogue and just non-stop fight scenes. One of the earlier Avenger films suffered that curse of too many characters in one film.

But when it finally showed up on Netflix last month, I was blown away by the multiple storylines. A lot of complexity, non-gratuitous backstory, and a fair amount of humor one moment followed by well-crafted drama.

Yes, it’s a comic book movie, whatever that means, but it was extremely well-done. After being disappointed with Black Panther, Ant Man & Wasp, Into the Spiderverse, and Captain Marvel—the last one was so bad I walked out of the theater after thirty minutes—I am very much looking forward to seeing End Game on the big screen.