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    • There is a fight for the first manufacturer to reach the 300mph limit in a legal production street car, but now Bugatti said they are done, and really can you blame them.

      They did state a few years back that literally every car they build and sell they loose around $1,000,000, but I'm guessing this isn't their reasoning, its a status symbol that is getting less appealing to be part of.

      Koenigsegg have yet to confirm if they are looking to break this record but watching this video they are close...but the difference of getting from 277mph to 300mph is a lot harder and vastly more expensive that getting from 0-23mph, the equivilent margin.

    • They did state a few years back that literally every car they build and sell they loose around $1,000,000...

      Yikes! How do you lose a million dollars on a car that costs almost $3 million? 😱

      I like cars, but supercars have never really appealed to me, and I think this gets at the reason why: it seems like a lot of them are more focused on being symbols of wealth or world record holders than they are on being great to drive. A Bugatti or a Koenigsegg may be fast, but you wouldn't want to take a road trip in one, and what's the point of a car you can't take a road trip in? 🤔

      I'm reminded of this Top Gear segment on what a shit car the Lamborghini Countach is, despite being revered as a classic supercar.

    • Ironically it was stated on TopGear some time back, the loss is down to R&D and spread over the production run. They figured the loss was worth it as it generated more sales from the mere mortals (poor people) buying Volkswagons and such.

    • I'm not a road trip in a car kind of person and I'm totally psyched by a sexy-looking, fast car like a Bugatti, Ferrari, or McLaren. But even I couldn't care less about the top speed. Who will ever drive that fast? There must be compromises placed on the design to hit that speed.

      In other news, Bloodhound's quest for the 1,000 mph speed record has just been saved!

    • the tires to run at top speed are specially made and good for one run, to get over 250mph you are looking at over $20,000 and then they are done...but i guess if you can afford $3 million for a car $20k is nothing

      ...but land speed records yes i agree and actually have family history involvement in a few landspeed records