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    • Over the years I've watched so many videos from their YouTube channel:

      They are constantly pushing the limits in BMX, FMX and actions sports in general. The tricks they now pull off could only be done in video games that don't have the same physics as real world. Simply amazing.

      So YES, please go and take pics and videos. I'd love to see them here.

    • Those glasses look really cool and you'll fit right in. I wonder if they'll be too dark for the show since the stage is pretty dimly lit. Do they allow phones and if so, you can just snap a photo or a few.

    • I have been to similar (maybe not that brand) and my experience is that witnessing those things IRL (even from the shitty seats) is worth it. At least once, for sure. The videos and TV capture the detail better, but the scale and downright insanity is hard to appreciate unless you're actually there. Even in the nosebleed seats, you can smell the race fuel, feel the heat of the flash pots, and get amped up on the combined tension of a stadium full of people all thinking or shouting "HOLY CRAP THIS IS INSANE". It's quite impressive, to say the least.

      I will share a semi-related memory, with feels, to illustrate: I while ago, I attended an AMA Supercross round in San Francisco. During the big-name rider intros, it came time for Kevin Windham to come out. To be clear, I care very little about Supercross, or celebrity, but I superlove me some Windham. At the time he was like the Senior Statesman for Motorcross, out there pushing his 30's, banging bars with the youngers, and snagging an occasional podium spot. He was (and still is) a great ambassador for living the dream regardless of what your age says you should be doing. Anyway. They announce, 'Hailing from blah blah, Pro Honda factory rider, Number 14 ... KEVIN WINDHAM!!!!". His name echos around at full stadium volume, and something punches me right in the soul. To most Windam is just another rider. If you are not there in person, you don't usually see the rider intros. But there I am, and there he is, and just hearing his name, all sorts of feels swirl around. I wish I was him. I'm glad he's being him, if only to inspire me. He's right there! Kevin Windham! Riding motos! Motos are the best thing you can ever do on this earth, even if you're an 'older kid', and ... There's Windham! He and I both ride motos! We have that in common! I LOVE HIM!

      So. All those feels are going. The stadium lights are off, and they hit Windham with the spotlight. He's up about 10 rows on the edge of the stands, in the isle, on his spanky clean bright red CRF450. THERE HE IS! He braps it couple times, gives a cool-bro-moto wave, then bumps down the steps, into the dirt, and BLASTS that bike, like a red rocket, w.f.o., toward a big jump. Then, the spotlight guy loses him! Where's Windham? Oh, he's still there. Windham commits to the jump anyway, like a pro. He keeps it pinned and hits a HUGE triple. IN THE DARK. Because motocross. HO. LEE. SHIT.

      I fucking lost it. I think the crowd approved, but I went nuts. I screamed. I hugged my brother (who was next to me). I jumped up and down. I kept screaming, like a crazed fanboy. "I FUCKING LOVE THAT MAN". I cried a little. "WIND-HAM! WIND-HAM! K-DUB! K-DUB!' The feels kept happening. I cheered his name across the void of the stadium. I cried some more. I'm crying again now, and I will never forget that experience. There's magic in that twist grip, and if you have the bug, strange things move you. Like Honda Pro factory rider #14, Kevin Windham. Maybe.

      Needless to say, that shit ain't on TV. So yeah, go in person. You won't look back later and wish you had done something else, I'm pretty sure. And as moto rider, it might just rustle your jimmies a little.

    • Hahaha, that's maybe the greatest writeup I have ever read on anything. If it were an Amazon review, it would go viral. I felt like I was there listening to you go crazy. Okay! I'm going for sure.

    • Hell yeah you have to go, I used to go to early events when I lived in Vegas, Carey Hart had a shop a block away and he used to come over in my parking lot and do crazy shit. Until you see it live you have no idea how talented these guys really are