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    • Seeing a bunch of new users which is cool, however also seeing a jump in simple redirect items, oooh cool topic, punt to an outside link etc.
      Doesn't really drive much of the conversation as you transport off to a new site. Perhaps it will grow into conversation if replying back within cake?
      What is the moderation profile starting to look like, moving/changing topics? If like instagram you can hashtag whatever you want the amount of clutter will grow to silly proportions.
      Tuesday mini-rant complete

    • I don't know what happens with the desktop interface, but I noticed on my phone that links are followed directly when clicked on rather than opening in a new tab. I'd rather the default was to open a new tab.

    • Agreed. Cake isn't a link dump. πŸ‘

      We zap spammy posts as soon as we see them, but if you want to help us out, you can flag a conversation or post as spam by clicking the dropdown menu next to it and then selecting "Flag". This'll get our attention right away.

    • Blatant SPAM is one thing, and the flagging system will work well for that. Perhaps it is a growing pain and the single post redirect will die off if they don't get traction, or spark a conversation. Would be good to see folks taking a bit more time to invest in the topics and items they start to drive the initial conversation.

    • Yeah. Low-quality posts will happen from time to time, but as Cake's user base grows and there are more posts overall, our ranking algorithms will help bubble the most interesting stuff to the top and the lower quality stuff won't be as prominent. It's just more noticeable now because post volume is still pretty low.

    • What I liked about the thought of cake was the conversation, the actual in thread chat and collaboration/debate etc in a safer place.

      With the growth of member I see more and more drop and walk posts, here is an image, love me please and post a reaction. No questions no opening the image up to a conversation or even technical approach or inspiration in many of them.

      Then the 1 line of take a look at this cool thing, now go to a link. *SPAM* *my blog* *my page* etc.

      The equilibrium will take some time I am sure yet, I hope I have the patience to wade through the normal social media pitfalls until it becomes more of what was intended.

    • This discussion of spammy posts brings up an issue I have noticed about mine.

      I recently began using linked images - I love that I can have more than a single image in a single post now - but I am not happy with the way they end up being displayed.

      I love the way we can link images now ( rather than having to upload them from our hard drives like we did earlier on Cake ) but I do notice that when I link my images from Smugmug, they always ( every time ) include my name, and a link to "my bio" ( which in a dozen years I have never filled out and don't plan to in the future ) as well as the title of the gallery on Smugmug they came from in large BOLD text below the linked image on display - which makes it seem like I am trying to send readers here on Cake to my galleries, when I'm just trying to link an image - nothing more, here to cake.

      Is this something I need to do to stop the title and bio comments or is this something that has to be done by Smugmug or Cake or what? You can see what I am talking about in my Boating in West Greenland thread after I start linking images. Seeing website links and Gallery titles over and over is less than ideal to me. Boring in factπŸ™„

    • If you link to a web page containing an image (like a link to SmugMug's lightbox), then the link embed will contain extra information extracted from the page. But if you link directly to a bare image file, then Cake will display just the image.

    • Thank you Ryan - What I have been doing was to use the smaller size link offered on Smugmug and then copying the link from the URL header, above in my browser window, and that always included the unwanted gallery title and my bio etc like in the following image

      So I will go to the link offered by Smugmug in the size desired but not copied from the browser window and get this -

      Ok - Much better!! - more what I am wanting - thank you for your prompt answer - sorry if I seem to be a newbie at this but now my image no longer seems so spammy and stands on its own

      Now should I try and edit my thread about Greenland or let it stand as it is - hmmm... Just a few clicks and all is better with the world 😎 Thanks again for sorting this out for me Ryan.

    • Marchyman - that works great too!

      Thank you, I was having difficulty getting one image to display properly until I did it the way you just described - worked like a charm!