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    • Us

      Seeing a bunch of new users which is cool, however also seeing a jump in simple redirect items, oooh cool topic, punt to an outside link etc.
      Doesn't really drive much of the conversation as you transport off to a new site. Perhaps it will grow into conversation if replying back within cake?
      What is the moderation profile starting to look like, moving/changing topics? If like instagram you can hashtag whatever you want the amount of clutter will grow to silly proportions.
      Tuesday mini-rant complete

    • Pu

      I don't know what happens with the desktop interface, but I noticed on my phone that links are followed directly when clicked on rather than opening in a new tab. I'd rather the default was to open a new tab.

    • yaypie

      Agreed. Cake isn't a link dump. πŸ‘

      We zap spammy posts as soon as we see them, but if you want to help us out, you can flag a conversation or post as spam by clicking the dropdown menu next to it and then selecting "Flag". This'll get our attention right away.

    • Us

      Blatant SPAM is one thing, and the flagging system will work well for that. Perhaps it is a growing pain and the single post redirect will die off if they don't get traction, or spark a conversation. Would be good to see folks taking a bit more time to invest in the topics and items they start to drive the initial conversation.

    • yaypie

      Yeah. Low-quality posts will happen from time to time, but as Cake's user base grows and there are more posts overall, our ranking algorithms will help bubble the most interesting stuff to the top and the lower quality stuff won't be as prominent. It's just more noticeable now because post volume is still pretty low.

    • lidja

      our ranking algorithms will help bubble the most interesting stuff to the top


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