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    • Interestingly enough, I actually ended up using the public library's internet to search Craig's List for jobs. I also went into as many places as I could asking for a job application. I was lucky enough that I had access to showers while so many homeless on the streets do not.

      It took me about 4 months and numerous interviews (turns out it's hard to get a job without a permanent address) until I eventually saw an ad for Bay Photo Lab looking for "part time positions" I remember turning to someone I knew at the time and saying "I'm going to work here" and they sort of laughed at me. I emailed them right away because I had experience in this industry. I had a job interview that day, and walked out with a full time position.

      They later told me they hired me because I was SO enthusiastic about working there.
      They didn't know I was so enthusiastic because I hadn't eaten in three days and hadn't gotten a proper night's sleep in about five. I was just so excited to have an opportunity that I would have taken anything, but I was lucky enough to land myself something that was in my field.
      The same day I found a job, was the same day I found my house. Now with proof of income, I was able to qualify for living.
      It all sort of lined up for me on that day and I feel so lucky to look back and see how far I've come from that moment.