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    • This is a very valid point. There are a lot of mentally unstable homeless on the streets and you do have to be careful with certain interactions. When I walk the streets, I make eye contact first and smile. Generally, their reaction helps me gauge what kind of interaction I might have with this person.
      If they yell at me, or start talking to themselves, I leave it at a smile and keep walking. Even acknowledging they are a human is something they really need.
      If they engage with me, or respond to me, I'll sometimes stop and talk with them for a minute.

      More often than not, when I go out to eat, I can't finish my food. Depending on where I am, I generally look for someone as I walk home to give it to. It's always risky because I would never want to offend someone by offering them food, but if I see someone digging through a trashcan, I always ask "Hey Man, are you hungry?" and offer my leftovers. I've never been turned down and I've gotten a few hugs out of it.

    • That food thing... Mom and I used to check trash cans when we were hungry. It wasn't the same back then because there was much less packaged food. You'd see sandwiches wrapped in paper, potato salad on a paper plate, etc.

      Potato salad used to be a thing with real mayonnaise and I got food poisoning from it. I've told my kids many times that I'm not mad at potato salad, it's just that it has never passed my lips again and never will. It became a famous saying in our family: "That's potato salad to Baldy." Translation: I'm done with that and never coming back to it.

      I know this sounds strange to almost everyone, but dog food was great for us. It was cheap, it stored well, it didn't spoil, it tastes fine, and much healthier than what we feed children. So we could eat it without getting cavities because there are no dentists when you're homeless.

      They allow dogs at various places I've worked and sometimes I'll sample the dog food out of curiosity. When people see me to that they just freak the heck out. Loud screams of EWWWW!!! THAT'S DOG FOOD!! It must be some cultural thing from people who haven't tasted it. Dog food sure beats potato salad.

    • In Boy Scouts at the Klondike derby we ate dog biscuits for “energy” I’m certain it was more for team building then the energy factor but we all did it and it was like the in thing to do.

      Although I will admit it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had thought it would be how ever I couldn’t imagine turning to it for the better chunk of my daily sustenance. My heart goes out to everyone is has had to and currently has to.

      As for mayo.... yeah room temperature or higher mayo for any length of time will certainly get you.