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    • Nice work chasing that down. I knew very little of that.

      I sometimes wonder why some things terrify us. Is it because they happen so infrequently?

      For example, I sometimes do the Escape From Alcatraz swim. It’s an organized event with 700 swimmers. It terrifies my friends when they find out about it. They ask, aren’t you afraid of how dangerous that is? Sharks! Dangerous tides.

      I respond that I am concerned. There has never been a shark attack in the bay, nor anyone getting hurt in the swim, which has s regatta of lifeboats accompanying us. But you have to drive on the freeway to get there and that is dangerous.

      “Oh that. I’m not worried about that. It’s the sharks that terrify me.”

      I wonder if nuclear power is like those sharks.

    • I think it’s hard sometimes to put statistics into reality. If a family member died in an airplane crash, believing that cars are safer can “feel” correct.

      Of course, the argument for not swimming in shark-infested waters is that, well, you don’t have to.