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    • Sadly, our Google+ Community has gone away as of April 2nd of 2019. Because Google+ is no longer (*RIP Google+*), I have created a new site for the sharing of our projects on 

      If you are reading this, then I assume you got my invitation in your Delta email and have made it to the appropriate site. Please use this community to share your projects and communicate with the class.

      I apologize for the change. Please take a moment of silence for Google+.


    • Link:

      This project was an exploration of the leaders, ships, battles, and general history of the Pacific theater of WWII. I created the first page (other than the home page)for simple biographies of some of the military and political leaders involved. The second was dedicated to some of the ships and their basic stats and notability. The third was used for three of the battles fought throughout the war, Pearl Harbor, Midway, and The Philippine Sea. This page described the forces involved, battle overview, and the outcomes of the engagement. The last page was for the about section which covered the basic mission of the site, a brief bio of me, and a plan for the future. The home page has a basic layout as pictured bellow using most of the space for the context of one of the most famous quotes made by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto (Japan).

      The largest problem I had other than some simple syntax errors which were eventually corrected was the fact that my love for this subject caused me to fight my urges to jump down the rabbit hole as it were and put so much into this project that I would never get it done. This problem plagued me from the very start with my original plan. Since I started coding the site I found ways to make my life easier and other ways to suppress my wish to add yet more detail as to not get swamped and pressed for time.

      The best part of this project was having the ability to talk about one of my favorite topics of history. I feel that the Pacific theater is so under represented in the educational system outside of high education in historical fields. This is in my opinion a failure on our part to properly teach our children of the war in its full scope in favor of recovering the Holocaust year after year despite having a decent picture after one lesson on the subject. I take every opportunity I have that gives me a chance to discuss this part of the war because it gives me another chance to spread the stories of the people who gave their lives to fight off the Empire of Japan.

    • I updated my link so the CSS and Images will now load properly.

      My website is of a business that I wish to open after I am finished at Delta College.  I would like to call my business, Graphicality.  Graphicality will design pamphlets, logos, business cards, and websites for other businesses.  I included some pictures of projects I have done for my employer for his business as example products.  The website has seven tabs with a different page for each. There are form fields in the last two tabs to sign up for a membership program and to request information.

      I had a difficult time trying to find a way to add a map that had the business location pinned that is interactive.  I see some businesses have a map that is interactive by using Google Maps.  I also had some difficulty with the size of the website as shown in my screenshot, but it is fixed when I view it using the responsive settings on Chrome.  I am unsure why the footer does not line up at the bottom of the page in my screenshot.

      I love that my website reflects my dream of opening a graphic design business after college.  From my knowledge, there is not a graphic design business around my hometown, but
      there are many small businesses.  I like my color scheme that reflects my logo that I created.  I also like the quote I found sometime ago.  I feel like it will speak to small business
      owners because their greatest achievement is opening their own business doing
      what they love.  I love that I was able to take the knowledge that I learned from this course and apply it in my own way with a guide for styling.

    • Josh, this is a really great website. I am a person who enjoys reading about history, and there is information in your website that I didn't really know about. I do not know much information about the Pacific battles of WWII. The information you give is very easy to read and understand. Once again, great job!

      My project is meant to be somewhat abstract. It isn’t much more than a website that I made. I think the only things I didn’t make are the fonts used in some of the images and most of the javascript code. The font used in the images on the home page is Freezepop, created by Justinne Gamache. I had fun making the backgrounds and stuff. I tried to make a website that could be completely explored in about 10 minutes, so you should totally look at and listen to everything. Please let me know if I’m missing any of the required things to include.

      At one point, I deleted the website from the Delta web space and reuploaded it, and then the shortcut icon for the website wasn't showing up. That’s something I kind of had trouble with. Some of the CSS formatting was confusing to work with. I couldn’t figure out how to vertically center text in some places, so I decided that I didn’t want to do that. When you mouse over one of the options in any page other than the home page, the text becomes italicized. For some reason, the word “Home” on the art page became italicized whenever I loaded the page, and didn’t return to normal unless I clicked something. I was able to fix it by deleting a line of code in the image swap javascript file. I’m not sure what that line was for, but the program seems to work fine without it.

      I like the home page a lot. I like how the header for it turned out. I might go back later and make it the header for every page. Typing the code and stuff was fun, but my favorite parts of the website development were the things I did before programming anything. I like that I was able to edit random images and sound files in MS Paint and Audacity and throw them online; I don’t usually do that. The art and music pages were originally called “images” and “audio,” but I wanted to be pretentious.

      I might move some of this info to the About page later.
      Double clicking "COLORS" does something.

    • Did you upload the CSS and image files to your Delta web space? They seem to be missing. You should probably fix that soon.
      I like the colors you used.
      If I were able to view the CSS files, I might be able to help fix the footer. It might have something to do with the height of the body being set to 100%.

    • Congratulations on being the first person to post their website. You're clearly passionate about the topic presented; that's nice to see. I didn't have time to read all the information, but I'm sure it's probably interesting. I like how you used a US Navy seal thing as the website's icon. I personally would probably change the dark red and grey colors to something else.
      But yeah, nice website.

    • Alexandria. I like the idea you have for prototyping a website for a business you wish to start. As a computer science major I can attest to the idea of starting as soon as possible. The colors you used are not to my personal taste but they work well given the concept. The site seems to work well though you appear to be missing the CSS and image files on your web space at the time I write this which makes it a bit hard to judge the efficacy of the sites layout.

    • The site is working fine for me. I like the background you picked and it makes use of a color that is not used very often. You could use something like a stretch command (not quite sure how to do it in CSS) to make the images on the art page not look strange in the miniature view (unless thats what you were going for). Overall the site works well and I like the simplicity. Good Job.

    • Thanks. By miniature view, I assume you're talking about the square icons you click to view the larger images. They're separate copies of the pictures, either stretched or cropped to be 75x75 pixels. How they look is mostly intentional.

    • Link:

      This page is for a business that I started a plan for years ago. There are some things that I really dislike how they turned out, and they will be fixed when I think of what to do with them. The biggest problem I had was getting the lay out that I wanted. An example: the flip boxes on the services section, I am not sure how to line them into a columns, Can I put them into a grid? I know that the about me page is plain, and the home page seems off, I let myself run out of time trying to get other stuff done. The blog link is not working, I think that is going to change to reviews or something.

      I am open to all suggestions :)

    • Thanks for letting me know about my style sheets not loading. I fixed the issue. I had them saved in a separate folder that I guess the web pages that couldn't access them. You can view it how it should be now.

    • Thanks for letting me know about my style sheets not loading. I fixed the issue. I had them saved in a separate folder that I guess the web pages that couldn't access them. You can view it how it should be now.

    • I created a site for a book club with a twist using some of
      the features from the Bootstrap theme “The Band”. I selected the features from the
      bootstrap that I thought could be interesting on my site and then built the
      rest of the site based on what we learned in class.

      I struggled some with getting the responsiveness to
      different screens to work correctly, especially on my explore page where the
      mobile menu would disappear because my YouTube video player was too wide. I’d
      also like to work on making the “search” functional and explore ways to have a
      comment section to allow for actual book discussions.

      I’m very happy with the final look of the site and think the
      idea of the site is a fun one. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    • Hi Joshua. I enjoyed the topic of your site and inclusion of lots of photos and the old film footage. One suggestion might be to include links further down your pages to readers can return to your side-bar menus to select another topic without needing to scroll. Nice job!

    • Hi Elizabeth! I love your idea! Often the hardest part of getting dinner on the table or planning for a party is coming up with menu ideas! And a shopping list too would be fantastic! You might need to spend a little more time getting your images to appear correctly and also adjusting the responsiveness. Believe me, I struggled with this too!

    • Link:

      When I first became interested in Web Design, I mainly wanted to work with authors and writing groups. These are groups that will need to have their websites updated frequently, and the topic really interests me. My project is for a made-up writers group, Midland Fiction Writers. The page is the group's January page, so it contains information on speakers, the contest, and workshop reflecting that. The project includes many of the features found on writers group websites. All but one of the "Upcoming Speakers" are Michigan authors. The listed editors and agents are real as well. All links go to the individual's actual websites (not designed by me!). The board members are fictional names, created by real authors (Jack Torrance, from Stephen King's The Shining). The emails listed for them are completely fake and do not work.

      I'm not sure if I'm happy with the colors I used. I wanted something neutral, but attention getting, so I decided to leave what I had. I would have liked to have added an "Our Authors" page, but I couldn't get the styles right for more of a grid layout. I also would have liked to change the styles a bit more for the pages I do have, but they worked for the website. I did not have another section to add, so my Home page and About Us page are the same. I realized that I need to spend some extra time learning more about style sheets.

      I did like the way the project turned out, overall. The page is clean and uncluttered. It contains all the information a prospective or current member would need. The website contains most of the features and sections I had in mind. I had fun creating this project and would like to create a real site in the future.

    • Hi Heather. I really like your project. The website design conveys your book club idea perfectly. The pictures tie into the books and the site has all the needed information while still looking exciting and streamlined. The book club itself sounds great, too.

      I see what you mean by the issues you were having on the "Explore" page. It's slightly off on a desktop also. I struggled with my style pages, so I'm sorry I can't offer any suggestions.

    • Hi Josh. I enjoyed reading the information on your website. My husband is a WWII history buff, and his comment was "Cool". I liked that you chose the Pacific Theatre, so many histories of WWII focus on the European Theatre, My uncle fought in the Pacific, so this has some meaning to me.

      I know what you mean by wanting to add so much to the site, but not being able to. There were several things I wanted to add to mine, but I don't know how yet. The colors you chose work well, reminding me both of water and the Navy uniform.