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    • So, here in Vegas Cox is the probably the best ISP as Century Link tries to compete but their internet service seems to suck from everyone I talk to you. I am happy with their internet stability, etc and I pay about $95 for high speed internet.....I don't really download movies but I am FTP mode most of the work day. From a television perspective they have a basic cable package that used to run $22 for digital TV and that was good enough for me to watch basic network TV. I have become more of a couch potato at night than I would want to admit. I duefully opted for a Netflix account for a few years but just terminated that with their announcement of raising their monthly. Netflix has been ok but what I really don't like is they have no reviews or rating scale for the content. So, over time I am been sucked into some engaging veneer and got half way into the movie and realized basically it sucks. But, I have swam half way across the lake so I better finish it.

      I tap into Redbox a couple times a month and I appreciate the reviews and you can pretty much filter the BS ones versus whatever.

      I just paid COX and now see my monthly basic cable has gone up to $39 so I am pretty sure I am going to terminate that and opt for HULU's Hulu + Live TV package that will end up costing me $44/mo but now I get alot more sports and FX that I did not get with the COX plan.

      So, my question after that long pre-qual, anyone signed up for the HULU Live TV plan? What is your impression?

    • Sling....has been around a few years and they are good if you are doing crack and up all night. And, you can handle the tier 3 commercials. LOL

      Everyone is trying to figure out how to combine network tv with "cable" channels. ATT have tried with their DirectTV package but when you ask the local guys to actually demonstrate the various television stations.....they chicken out and act too busy to show you.

    • I get 77 over the air broadcast channels which I watch via Amazon's recast DVR. I also have Amazon Prime and Netflix (which was included with my mobile phone plan). Other then that, I just pay for high speed internet service (like $50/month).

    • I had Hulu long time ago and it was just shows I wasn't interested in, not much in the way of good movies. I am unsure if much changed. But maybe now it's also worth checking youtube subscription for someone interested.

      Since cca 2010 I have cut the "TV channels" and only use internet high speed. For news I pick and choose several daily summaries such as Reuters, etc, that I can gloss over while I am cooking or eating, which are more than I need to know. Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as Youtube are my source of on demand entertainment, but frankly I am so jaded with them that very little new stuff rings any passion worth viewing; I look more for real life stories & documentaries, independent films, and classic movies when I want something captivating to watch.

      To me it really is about what content I want to spend time watching, and I find my preferences have narrowed down alot lately due to low quality and high volume available. I rather pay rental fees for something good, than watch "free" or included content.

    • Youtube to me is valuable for the out of the beaten path gems, not as a mainstream media outlet. In fact the more I think about this, the more I dislike mainstream with their ways. I do like youtube's video suggestions based on watched history, and find myself often spending time watching some of that.

    • Hulu isn’t particularly useful for movies: most of them are gamble chocolate.

      Netflix realized that making original content was cheaper than having good movies—I have literally searched for an hour in a category and come up empty for something that was in theaters, isn’t shit, and that I haven’t already seen within the last five years.

      I have both Netflix and Hulu because of the TV shows, new, old and original series.

      I also have Amazon Prime, which is amazing for movies—whether it’s a free movie or one we rented, there’s plenty of good movies to watch and if you search for a favorite actor you will be amazed at all the films available.

    • Here is the TV I grew up with. Looking back now, I can't believe how warm and full of soul that whole TV era was, compared to today's high tech. Laurel and Hardy were among the few available back then on the komsomol tainted tube, and certainly one of my favourites.

    • Answering your question directly, no.

      My son in the Los Angeles area, had a Roku box with...gosh, I think it was a Sling TV package of some sort. He said the only complaint speeds would plummet as his neighbors would also stream TV during weeknight evening hours.

      He actually signed up with the local cable provider, and it's much better apparently. So much so that he gave me his Roku boxes.

      I really, really want to ditch DirectTV ($$$) for something else. My fear is that I may well run into the same network bandwidth issue my son did, since there's the local hard-line cable company and the DSL from the landline provider.

      I've yet to pull the trigger on any of the "try X for free for a week!" offers; there's just so many of them!

      Since my wife isn't much of a movie watcher (anxiety issues...), the Amazon Prime account of hers is un-used. We did sit down not long ago and came up with a listing of the channels we'd really like to have - Sling's higher-tier would work fine for us.

      Ugh...and they claimed things would be easier and cheaper, didn't they? 😂🤣😂🤣

    • Ok, I am into Day Two of the $50 Hulu Live package with no commercials (for old content, not live TV). OMG...not sure how Cox (our best ISP but also content provider) can charge $40 for so little options....

      As per many reviewers, and I really never thought it was a big deal, but, at least accessing HULU via Roku, the menu system is not perfect and hard to forecast. BUT, it does come with some DVR capabilities....I basically get about 50+ channels, DVR and now I have the ability to watch Fox Sports and their affiliates.

      I bailed on Netflix and this SNL parody spoke directly to me. LOL

      At least at Day Two....ALL THUMBS UP! (I just figured out though....if I bail, no more PBS programing but I am sure I can find it somewhere online).