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    • Please post your best Action photos of the day, wheels or no wheels. Tell us the story behind a photo and where it was taken. What camera and settings did you use?

      Here is a photo of @Chris in action of making a call while... parked on the side of the road. He pulled over to make a call and rave about how much fun it was to drive this Vanderhall trike.

      Camera: Sony A7s

      Lens: FE 35 f1.4

      Settings: f2.5, 1/8000, ISO 100

    • I hate posting selfies but this picture sums up the visibility when I was skiing in Niseko Japan recently.

      I figured with my new ski accessories (thanks REI) I might get a cool shot since the visibility was so poor. I didn't edit the background at all it was actually that foggy and gray out.

      It was so cold I was able to take my glove off long enough to get the shot once and then didn't look again until the end of the day. Fortunately it worked out and I kept my fingers.

      Camera: iPhone 11 Pro

      Settings: Vivid

    • Shot this follow pan of a heavily engraved Chicano-style Harley for Heavy Duty Magazine last week.

      Nice sharp image with acceptable speed blur. I like the 'ting' on the headlight and the sun's reflection off the instruments onto the rider.

      Nikon Z6, Nikor 28-300 @ 135mm, 1/200, f/6, ISO 100.

    • This is what my Scottish friend Jeff meant when he said he was going out to shoot hoops.

      Nikon F80, scanned from a 35mm slide, Ektrachrome 100.

    • March Moto Madness "rally" in Tennessee. Picture from the "Special" (indeed!) obstacles event. This involved crossing the small stream then performing an obstacle course and many more drills.. Here is a veteran 70+ year old showing us how it's done.. without ever touching a foot down.

      CameraCasio EX-ZR700
      Focal Length29.5 mm (165.0 mm in 35mm)
      Exposure Time0.0025s (1/400)

    • Shot an hour ago of Penny putting one in the goal. I tried shooting from behind the net today, hoping I could still focus on the player and get the goalie trying to block it. I did get the goalie in a couple of shots.

      ISO 200, 1/2000th, f/4, 400mm.

    • One more from the beach. Always nice when you nail one of a race winner.

      D90, f/13, 1/250, ISO 400

      Loves me some follow pans. Also further to my point in the other camera thread.
      These are 10 years old from a mid level camera with primitive specs by today's standards. Processor microseconds don't make that much difference in the big ... picture. Geddit??? :-)

    • Actually it's a 'Long Track' bike with the rear suspension locked out with a steel bar.
      It's a slightly different discipline. Long track has much bigger dirt ovals. True Speedway bikes have rigid rears and run on a much tighter oval.

      The Burt Munro Challenge features a Long Track Event, Speedway, Beach Racing, a Hill Climb, Road Race and Circuit Race over a 4 Day 'Weekend'. Accumulated points over the event crowns the Champion. It's usually won by a Motard.

      Just for confusion's sake - this is a Speedway bike on the Long Track circuit

    • And this is one of my faves from the event.

      There's no 'good' place to crash a motorcycle. But this has to about the best.

      The people are laughing because it was a rather comical dismount that involved losing the rear end and going backwards for a considerable distance with 'everything' flailing.

    • 'I hate it when that happens.'

      The Battle of the Streets was a road racing series in NZ where a number of country towns were hay-baled and sawdust bagged - and the main streets saw bikes doing incredible speeds around a town circuit.

      This is from Pukekohe in 2008 with a Canon EOS 400D and 200mm Zoom.

      1/1600, f/6.3.