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    • In NYTimes podcast, The Daily Feb 25, 2019, they make the point that military dominance in the cold war was defined by counting nuclear missiles, but now military power of decades to come will be defined by networks, and who controls 5G will dominate.

      This made wonder about what exactly is so groundbreaking about the 5G technology that puts it at the center of a new arms race among global superpowers. 5G sounds like some pretty cool tech, but the developed world already has some pretty sophisticated networks. To me, it seems like 5G is a bit better than what 4G delivers, but apparently governments do not view it this way. So, from a technology standpoint, why is 5G a bigger deal than the previous generations of wireless technology?

      Note: I'm a technology enthusiasts excited to talk about the tech, not the politics of the tech.


    • Ten years ago, I learned about the military’s Active Denial System by watching a 60 minutes report on it. In this short video clip, you can see how effective this is as a non-lethal crowd control weapon.

      I was actually surprised that it had never been used during conflicts. Or at least I never heard of its use in the news.

      So what does that have to do with 5G?

      It turns out that ADS uses the same frequencies as the 5G network.

      They have had to go to higher frequencies in order to build a faster network than 4G.

      This weapon operates on 95 GHZ waves and 5G will use the same frequencies.

      So can a 5G phone be turned into your own personal force field?

      Actually, the safety concern is that the waves from 5G phones could negatively impact your health.

      A 5G phone is generating these waves at much lower power than an ADS weapon. But the risk from long-term exposure is currently unknown.

      This article, from which the above quote is from, does a nice deep dive into the coming roll out of ADS this year and the ins and outs of the 5G network.

    • I think the biggest perceived "threat" is due to extreme performance of the data transmissions. Which will pretty much render useless many other networks, while enabling SciFi like performance. Just think what 20 Gbps and a near real time - if in the future they manage also very low latency - can enable over immense distances. We don't need it to post on Cake, but it could become the de facto backbone of the world for many vital services.

      I think 5G should have a category of it's own, in here.

    • I have never heard of such a weapon. I do not think this is what governments are worried about when competing for 5G dominance because 5G isn't the tech behind the ADS weapon. It just happens that 5G and ADS use the same frequencies. I do understand how extremely high frequency waves could be a potential health concern.

      Is 95 GHZ too high to be useable to most communications? I would imagine that transmission endpoints would be limited to just a few feet at that short of a wave length.

    • So, in layman's terms would you say 5G is more like a jump from DSL to broadband, rather than the jump from 3G to 4G? It is transformational in the way networks will be used, and that happen last when computers got off phone lines. This time around global companies are in the 5G hardware bidding, and that's what possesses the threat. Meaning, the threat is not the technology, the threat is that the technology is so enticing that organizations might go with questionable manufacturers with backdoors, right?

    • I wasn't even thinking of weaponizing it, or the devices supporting it (and I don't think that's the primary concern), just the pure technological advancement in itself.

      "It promises mobile data speeds that far outstrip the fastest home broadband network currently available to consumers. With speeds of up to 100 gigabits per second, 5G is set to be as much as 100 times faster than 4G."

      Above is just an excerpt from below article which attempts to do a comparison. But just think about it, with such bandwidth a "brain" can be in the cloud and it can control a huge number of peripheral devices which aren't required to be so smart anymore (hence they can be built very cheap). The "software as a service" will take a new meaning. How would you like the very latest Tesla car technology upgrade to yours? Just pay up and we'll deliver your new car's brain, like any Netflix movie. How about industrial robotic assembly lines, with nothing in them but the robotic arms and a fast connection to the "factory"? This will make the "Internet of things" truly come to life, especially if coverage will be global.

    • I am sure technically I am speaking from my butt, but, it seems Vegas is a testing ground for 5G with ATT. I currently drive a LG V30 that in some internet queries has 5G capabilities. I am not sure what is true, but, I compared a speed test with a buddy on is Iphone8 from the same Vegas location and he is on Verizon and my speed test was remarkably faster. I know at MWC19, 5G, folding phones and the Nokia 5 camera phone were the hot topics.

    • Is 95 GHZ too high to be useable to most communications? I would imagine that transmission endpoints would be limited to just a few feet at that short of a wave length.

      Around a kilometer, maybe a bit more, with ultra-sensitive antennas...but the bandwidth available will be much greater (relatively speaking).

      The re-use of spectrum will be the most novel approach out there, as you'd only need to move a couple of km away, and you could have another repeater operating on the same frequency and not interfere with the first.

    • That is cool. Hopefully you will get the gigabit speeds from 5G in Vegas before most people in the USA do.

      I get 1 megabit up and down with ATT LTE on my iPhone at my place these days. I doubt 5G will fix that unless they put some more antennas in. I hedged my bets and ran Cat 6A throughout then got fiber. I am stoked on the speed!

    • I don't think we had the ability to do screen shots back then. I thought that if you could jump in your DeLorean and take the current screenshot back to ...maybe 1996 and show them those speeds...they would either throw you in a mental hospital thinking you lost your mind OR made you Supreme Leader of the planet. hahahahah