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    • Julianne

      Ok here's the thing , Google plusers are in a frantic state of disbelieve and searching aimlessly for something else to full the social media void that doesn't have FB or Insta in its name. I found cake.

      My story is I joined gplus in 2011 when an invite was required

      Then came the "New G+" which went down like a lead balloon, the need for people connection had been replaced with things,and collections of stuff which in turn became a mass of same things different collector , lots and lots of spam and just recently an influx of bot Porn..

      There you have it,

      I was told by a buddie on Gplus

      "A sunrise holds a promise of a bright future wherever that may be".

      Hi my name is Julianne
      I am not looking for a relationship
      I don't play Online games
      I don't follow You tube
      I don't post Nudity or Porn nor do I follow anyone who does
      I can only speak , read and write in English.
      I am a proud Mother of 1,a daughter ,who has Cerebral Palsy and teaches me daily that there is perfection in imperfections.
      I am me and don't pretend to be someone else.
      I had a successful Gplus page , Aussie shoutouts
      I had a very prosperous hobby, making hand crocheted RagRugs, till the wrist gave out.
      I was a verified member of Google Create but opted out
      I mainly post pretty pictures ( mine 😊 )
      I used a Samsung galaxy S5 to take my photo's.. updated to a Huawei P9 dual camera_


    • Chris

      Tomorrow at 3:00 PM California time some ex-G plus influencers are going to have a panel conversation on Cake about the glory days and what they think led to its demise. Trey Ratcliff will lead it.

    • Julianne

      The only two I would like to hear from are Vic and Larry who abandoned the plus years ago.

    • KathyD

      I will try really hard to watch. Will it be stored anywhere in case I miss it? Please ask them if they'd let members buy it? Thx!

    • AlChris

      Well said Lady, I could almost copy and paste you post to apply to myself.
      I'm probably more active in here than anywhere at the moment! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
      I feel safe and comfortable here - a great start.

    • Julianne

      Thanks Al, me too. I don't think I'll be sharing much on plus now , just snooping.
      I have 3 tabs open to keep an eye on every one. It's pain in the gluteus maximus but im sure I'll loose some weight soon.
      😁So glad you are here.

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