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    • Hey everybody 👋. Just wanted to say that you can now mention other people in your posts to get their attention. You might already be familiar with how mentions work on other platforms. Just in case you aren't, here's how it works:

      1. When editing a post, type the `@` symbol and you will start seeing a list of suggested users.
      2. Pick one of the users in the list with the mouse or keyboard and a mention will be inserted. It will be bold with a light background.
      3. Once you publish your post, each user you mention will be notified over email and they will also see the mention in their activity feed (the bell icon).

      If you don't want to get email notifications, you can always turn them off in your settings.

      Happy mentioning, and let us know what you think! @Chris has been looking forward to this one!

    • Yep that's the idea! The main use case is drawing someone's attention to a conversation, if you know they would be interested, or could help answer a question.

      As far as downsides, people might abuse mentions to spam someone. This isn't a big problem since you can ignore offending users. If you ignore a user, you won't see their notifications or activity. It's also possible to flag them for moderation as well.