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    • Last month I asked what was your current relationship status with Facebook and got a good amount of replies. Generally, most of you still use the platform to varying degrees, either actively, passively, or reluctantly. Facebook has been in the news again this past few days, of course for all the wrong reasons, so I'm asking another question now - what will it take for you to finally quit the network?

      Last month it was reported that Facebook was storing users' passwords in plain text, a big security no-no. Then a few days ago, a double whammy. First it was reported that Facebook also uploaded users' email contacts without their consent...

      ...and that it also stored Instagram users' passwords in plain text as well, proving that the company's incompetence extends to its other properties and is not limited to its own in-house products. What's worse is that Facebook announced this latest security mishap silently by updating an old press release rather than writing a new post, no doubt hoping that people wouldn't notice it. But people did.

      With two of its biggest services proving to be security dumpster fires, I wouldn't be surprised if one day we were to learn that WhatsApp user data was somehow compromised as well. Which is an extremely alarming prospect considering Facebook's plan to merge its services together.

      With so many problems and security lapses, what would it take for you to actually delete Facebook from your life? Would you consider leaving Instagram? Would you ever be able to? Or are you unbothered by these revelations?

    • I am so close to deleting fb. I have weaned away from it the last eight months, but then the WRWR (Women Riders World Relay) went viral and ALL the communication is on fb. Blah. Helping to coordinate the relay leg that routes through Utah requires that I stick around on fb for a little while longer. But you know, I’ve found that things are so much better on Cake that I look forward to the day when I can get off fb completely. 🍰

    • With so many problems and security lapses, what would it take for you to actually delete Facebook from your life? Would you consider leaving Instagram? Would you ever be able to? Or are you unbothered by these revelations?

      I have been off Facebook since last November. At the time I was only really using the Messenger part of it, so just deleted FB and spoke to the few people that I was chatting with via other chat apps. Can't say that I miss it

      I still have instagram though

    • The only reason I had a facebook login was to view livestreams of meetings w/ my congressman. With all of the security and privacy issues with the platform I decided even that was not a good idea so I deleted my account.

    • As a founder of Cake I’ve gotten feedback that I shouldn’t be chiming in on Facebook debates as much as I do.

      I will say tho that I was able to contact someone on Facebook yesterday that I really want to interview, and that made me happy.

    • When Facebook was smallish, around 2006, two Facebook product managers came to lunch at SmugMug. They said they wanted to make photo albums from the photos people upload, but they only had one engineer because they were resource limited. They couldn't do all the things Flickr and SmugMug were doing with organizing photos. Anyway, they didn't want something that complicated for consumers.

      They seemed pretty discouraged about what to do. But when they went back to Facebook after the meeting, Zuckerberg said they should think of something super simple that leveraged their strength (social) and not try to replicate the things we did. So they came up with the idea of tagging a photo and then sending you and email if someone tagged you.

      Brilliant. They replied that 100% of people, when they got that email, clicked through because everyone wanted to see how they were portrayed online.

      I had argued at SmugMug we ought to email our customers with certain notifications but everyone was too afraid it would be thought of as spam. Facebook pulled it off, tho, and I don't remember anyone thinking it was evil.

    • 2006? Ages ago - relatively speaking - in the technological world. Email was the champ at that time...everybody had it & used it.

      Great story.

    • I'm surprised by how hot email has become now — especially email lists. VCs are putting a lot of money into email-based pubs now.

      I can't help but wonder if it has to do with how good Gmail has managed to make spam detection. We were all getting chased away from email back in the day and I wonder if that had to do with spam.

      Phone companies fighting robocallers maybe take note?