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    • This was a perfectly timed thread for me, Victoria. Thanks for posting. My family went to the Chicago area Medieval Times last weekend for my daughter’s birthday; my kids have been full of questions about the experience ever since. While they enjoyed the show itself, they’ve been mostly curious about the inner workings of it all. Does the same knight win every time? Do the knights ever trade colors? Since so much prep goes into the roles, do the actors work there full time? Are all of the staff speaking with a British accent actual Brits, or were they just faking? How many people have to come to each show for the restaurant to make money (we’ve talked a lot about how hard it is for a small restaurant to stay in business, so I guess that’s where the question originated)? It definitely generated more discussion than a typical evening out.

      My daughter even liked the food, but was very unhappy that our server referred to the tomato bisque as “dragon blood soup.” As a big fan of How to Train Your Dragon, she found that to be more than a little off putting. Thankfully, he told her the potato course was “just a potato & not really a dragon’s egg,” so she enjoyed that.

    • Here's a photo of the menu from the New Jersey Medieval Times! I absolutely loved the experience and would highly recommend it to any family (or group of friends of any age).