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    • Hello there!
      I’m a gplusrefugee and clearly newhere. G+ was great for the photography community, I’ve learnt, loved and lived some fantastic moments. The Photography Mentorships were the absolute highlight. I see everyone testing out new platforms in the hope to find something that’ll replace a tool that worked efficiently for people of an Artsy disposition.
      I’m interested in photography, art, learning and witty-conversation. Talking about photography... I love travel photography, macro, self-portraiture ... but it's icm blur blursandunsharps and streetphotography that have me hooked right now. This is a shot I took earlier this year... a confluence of self-portraiture, blur and hopefully art!

      What made you come here? Enjoying it so far?

    • Thanks much for encouraging me to get back on. So glad I did. Love the interface. It is quite different from other networks in terms of how things are organised, but I guess it's all about getting used to it. Hope to learn a whole lot more on this platform :)

    • Thanks, lucille. We designed the topic method of organization because we felt it could scale when we have a lot of users. Topics are somewhat like hashtags, but they don't clutter up the body of the post and it's easy to follow specific topics that fascinate you.

      I personally feel the best feature of the Internet is when you can find like-minded people who share your particular passions.

    • G’day from Oz. A few of us refugees from google have landed here been here nearly a week now, so far so good. Like you I found google a great place with like minded people so looking for something similar to grow into. So far this seems to have potential. All very friendly here. Hope you like it and we get to see more of your work here,

    • Thanks for the heads up @Glenn_Smith ... I'm seeing quite a few familiar faces. G+ was quite a photographers haven. I love the interface and the positive responses here. Hopefully I'll get to post and see a lot of interesting art! Cheers!

    • another familiar face! this image is absolutely gorgeous, looking forward to seeing more of your posts over here

      personally i am loving Cake so far and really feel at home here