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    • That sounds great! Have you narrowed down the area you will be visiting?

      I did some hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park back in 2012, hard to believe how long ago that was. I really enjoyed my solo wanders there. I stayed at a B&B in Estes Park and headed out from there each day.

      I have a friend who lives in Colorado Springs. I love walking in Garden of the Gods,

    • Nice link to Garden of the Gods—imagine there’s some good hiking to be done. Places that have come to mind for hiking and camping are Estes and Colorado Springs and ending at Boulder for the last day or two at a hotel. I’d love to spend all of the time hiking, but we’re talking a Saturday to Saturday trip, so I probably need to pad in some light day sightseeing to deal with acclimating to the elevation change.

    • I think driving around and spending anywhere from a day to three days in one place makes the most sense: many years ago, I flew out to Boulder to check out their MBA program; I went for a hike on the second day and was toast after less than three miles. And that was when I was doing 6-10 mile hikes on the weekends back home.

      I love your photos—you have a great eye. If there are local’s trails worth exploring I’m definitely interested.

      Please and thank you 🙏

    • You can't see them all, because they are too far apart, but here are some suggestions that you might be able to group together over a week: RMNP, Mount Evans, Great Sand Dunes, Pikes Peak, the Buena Vista area, the Silverton area, Mesa Verde.

    • I have to put in a good word for Mesa Verde NP. Something about hiking a few miles across a high plateau to then come upon some ancient cliff dwellings is just magic...