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    • I think driving around and spending anywhere from a day to three days in one place makes the most sense: many years ago, I flew out to Boulder to check out their MBA program; I went for a hike on the second day and was toast after less than three miles. And that was when I was doing 6-10 mile hikes on the weekends back home.

      I love your photos—you have a great eye. If there are local’s trails worth exploring I’m definitely interested.

      Please and thank you 🙏

    • You can't see them all, because they are too far apart, but here are some suggestions that you might be able to group together over a week: RMNP, Mount Evans, Great Sand Dunes, Pikes Peak, the Buena Vista area, the Silverton area, Mesa Verde.

    • I have to put in a good word for Mesa Verde NP. Something about hiking a few miles across a high plateau to then come upon some ancient cliff dwellings is just magic...