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    • The WWDC 2019 Keynote live stream is going now. What are your favorite parts of the keynote?

      So far, I think iOS 13 dark mode is a neat improvement that will be incredibly useful. I've wanted this for years. On OLED screens, this will be absolutely beautiful.

      And I'm so very impressed with Apple's privacy commitments. Two things here really stand out to me. First, they announced "Sign in with Apple", which is a single sign-on service that competes with Facebook and Google's single sign-on. What's different is that there's no tracking and even basic personal data is anonymized from 3rd party developers by default. Second, they're adding image processing to HomeKit so that analysis of security camera footage is done locally in the house.

    • $999 just for a monitor stand is ultimate Apple.

      This is worse than forcing users to buy a quick charger separately (the cable is sold separately as well) from their quick charge-enabled smartphones.

    • Apparently this new Power Mac is getting all the 3.5mm headphone jack sockets that were removed from the iPhones................. I'm not making this up!! 😎

      A 32 in 6K XDR nano-textured glass monitor that sounds very nice but a bit pricey at $6k for the screen and $1k for the stand it is supported by. I have been wanting a new monitor for my 2013 Trash can Mac Pro - but I don't think I want to spend $6 or $7K for one for a 6 year old computer. I will stick with my 31 inch LG I think.

      I have always like Apples products, but I am beginning to wonder who Apple is marketing to these days - these prices are way beyond what most consumers will spend I think.

      One thing did jump out this afternoon that I really am looking forward to - that is the ability to use an iPad or an IPadPro as a secondary screen with a standard Mac, for brushes and sundries in Photoshop and the ability to edit with the Apple Pencil on an iPad and have it translate to the Mac screen in real time as well. That will be pretty cool!!

    • Yeah - I had a plastic box G3, two G4s and the first Aluminium Mac Pro. But along the way a top end iMac started doing everything I need. Just ordered a new one.

    • Mac Pro is not a consumer device. It's a workstation targeted at hard-core professionals who have unlimited budget and just want the absolutely best that they can get. At that, the price is not that high, either. You can get an even pricier PC, too.

    • My issue with the computer is that it's purely for that market and they created a base model which makes no sense... it's got a slower CPU and the same GPU as an iMac 5k (non-pro) for over double the price. Yes there are a bunch of other features but they aren't ones that will matter to a decent chunk of Apple's "Pro" market.

      I knew a decent number of people with the cheese grater MacPro who were freelance photographers and designers. It lasted some of them for a decade and its' upgradability was key for it. But that computer was comparable in price to PC's and could be had for 2-3k. I doubt it would happen but a Mac Pro light with say only 1 10GB ethernet port, not as many PCI expansion ports and use just traditional ones, E series Xeon CPU's, 4-6 DIMMs, and a 650-800w power supply could do it and that wouldn't be hard to create and could still be sold for a premium. Those E chips are already at 8 cores and with AMD going to 16 at that size they'll likely be there in a generation or 2 so it would have the performance needed for most photographers and designers.

      And that brings up the other issue, this will be coming out after Ryzen 3 and the PCI-4 NVME's that it supports. So by that time you'll be able to get a AMD based computer with 12-16 cores that has similar per core performance, a faster GPU (RX590 or Vega) from a major manufacturer like Dell for 1300-1500 dollars and probably under 1k on sale. It's not Apple, and you lose ECC memory but it's hard to stomach paying 4-6x as much for a computer with slower storage, a much slower CPU, and a slightly slower GPU.

    • Mac Pro is not a consumer device.

      Yes, this is clearly not a consumer device. This is mainly a workhorse employers are going to purchase for specific employees in software, film, and music. The promise of being able to edit three streams of 8K ProRes is beyond impressive. Big film studios will inevitably purchase countless maxed-out $35k versions because the price is a pocket change compared to the cost of cast, crew, and permits.

      Sadly, I think a reasonably built-out Mac Pro will be too expensive for most independent pro's, like wedding photographers and graphic designers 😢😢😢

    • I remember one of the Dgrin originals, David to, worked in the film industry, cutting movie trailers. He used a MacPro. He's the target for the maxed out mac. But the basic model is so upgradeable, it could be a good investment if it last 10 years, as my 2009 model has.

      The advent of cheap storage and home nas has made a laptop more than adequate for most home users. Hook up to a monitor and use a good nas for storage and you are good to go?

      It's a nice, first world, problem :)

    • Yep - too much for me and my Graphic Design and Imaging business - but it doesn't really matter when a juiced iMac or Probook is such a capable machine now.