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    • Mac Pro is not a consumer device.

      Yes, this is clearly not a consumer device. This is mainly a workhorse employers are going to purchase for specific employees in software, film, and music. The promise of being able to edit three streams of 8K ProRes is beyond impressive. Big film studios will inevitably purchase countless maxed-out $35k versions because the price is a pocket change compared to the cost of cast, crew, and permits.

      Sadly, I think a reasonably built-out Mac Pro will be too expensive for most independent pro's, like wedding photographers and graphic designers 😢😢😢

    • I remember one of the Dgrin originals, David to, worked in the film industry, cutting movie trailers. He used a MacPro. He's the target for the maxed out mac. But the basic model is so upgradeable, it could be a good investment if it last 10 years, as my 2009 model has.

      The advent of cheap storage and home nas has made a laptop more than adequate for most home users. Hook up to a monitor and use a good nas for storage and you are good to go?

      It's a nice, first world, problem :)

    • Yep - too much for me and my Graphic Design and Imaging business - but it doesn't really matter when a juiced iMac or Probook is such a capable machine now.