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    • Did anyone catch Anthony Fauci’s press conference today? You could tell he could finally breathe again and actually tell the American public what was on his mind. He talked about what a “liberating feeling” it was to not have to worry about contradicting the president. He said that 15 minutes before he took the podium, he had a really quality conversation with Joe Biden about the importance of following the science and being fully transparent and honest with how things are progressing. Even though we still have a ways to go to get this virus under control, it was truly a breath of fresh air to see Fauci finally have the freedom that we all need him to have. 

      Couple of other notes: Fauci talked about the strands of the virus in the UK and South Africa. Those are two strands they are monitoring. The UK strand is here in the United States. At least in 20 states it has been identified. The South Africa strand, Fauci doesn’t think has made its way over here. 

      Also, with the regards to having all these different strands, which comes about via mutations, it doesn’t sound like mutations is something that should get in the way of getting an effective vaccine on the market and developing herd immunity through vaccination. Provided they monitor things closely and follow the science. 

      Fauci says that IF 85% of Americans can get vaccinated by the end of the summer of 2021, we could see a fall that finally is getting back to a reasonable amount of normalcy. The Biden administration is aggressively doing all they can to get as many Americans vaccinated as possible. You can tell that the virus was essentially ignored by Trump during the past 4+ months and now America is back working on getting it under control. It’s amazing the difference that one day can make! 

      (Photo Credit: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

    • It’s very sad what has happened. All the extra unnecessary deaths and virus injured people for one man and his enablers to maintain power and selfish desires. It’s enough to make a grown man cry. Have to say I’m had tears in my eyes a few times when I’ve seen and reflected on the carnage from Trump and the Republicans who enabled his lies and actions.

    • I know Trump supporters are crushed and honestly I feel bad for some of them (many in my extended family), but the jubilation on the Biden side is amazing to see. Check this out:

    • It really is amazing how much joy there is to see Trump go down in flames and also how open and free science can now finally be.

      You can tell Fauci thinks Trump is a total moron. Lmao 😂