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    • It would be presumptious of me to say whether Solomon died in God's favor or not. There is nothing in the biblical text that makes it clear that he was in God's favor and much which makes it doubtful but we cannot know without revelation.

      The scriptures tell us to look at the fruit of a person's actions but it also makes it clear that we do not know all there is to know about each person.

      Donald Trump does not confine himself to joking. His behavior, even towards people in his own administration, demonstrates what kind of man he is. As long as he is still alive there is hope that he may some day change but his current behavior is indicative of a need for change.

      I don't know what Donald Trump wants but I do know that if he gains the whole world and lose his soul that it will not have benefited him anything.

      Character is more important than policy. The worldly may evaluate Donald Trump based on policies but the godly should ask themselves whether the way that he conducts himself manifests the kind of inner character which the scriptures have taught them to avoid.