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    • Trump certainly wants to be a dictator. Fortunately, the Democrats control the House and he can’t do anything about that.

    • I was surprised to learn that reopening schools is safe but holding an election is not.

    • ⬆️ It looks like Republicans are starting to break from Trump as Mitch McConnell, Chuck Grassley, and many others strongly rebuked Trump’s desire to change the election date. That’s a good sign for our democracy, I think. Even they know this is a wannabe-dictator kinda move.

    • Considering how he won in 2016, Trump has no credibility when it comes to talking about free and fair elections.

    • Do you worry at all about the possibility of Trump supporters taking up arms if he loses the election? Taking up arms that is because of the things Trump has said and done to make them think taking up arms is the right thing to do.

    • Moscow Mitch has supported Putin's Puppet in the white house because it has enabled him to pack the courts with conservative (reactionary) judges. But Mitch is shrewd enough to realize Trump's star is fading fast. I think it likely that Republicans will begin muting their adoration if not actually jumping ship before a Blue Wave sweeps them from power. Mitt Romney has shown them the way.

      If America fails to hold a fair election and accept its verdict, then indeed all bets are off!

    • And here's another statement on the contents of the Constitution.

      ...he's displaying his total ignorance of the US Constitution, whose 20th Amendment would make @SpeakerPelosi the 46th president at noon next Jan 21 in the scenario Trump posits.

    • Based somewhat on this CNN story:

      "State officials need to educate voters about the new procedures. And the press needs to set the right expectations and make it clear that "election night" will likely be a week-long affair this year."

      I think this is where the issue will come from. For a couple of generations, we're used to the 'know the answer before 11pm news' because it's typically been spot-on. This year, it's going to take more than an evening to accurately tally those results.

    • If the majority aren’t buying the bullshit Trump has been going on about it should be very clear he lost early in the tally. If it’s even close, as far as I’m concerned the USA has lost even if Biden ends up winning. Anything but a landslide will reflect poorly on the USA. In my opinion as a foreigner (Canadian).

    • I agree he is not a dictator. In fact far from it. It is a provocation of what could be. The title even includes a question - could the USA become a dictatorship. There are many many articles such as that that have been written in the last four years and is a fair question to ask.

      Feel free to explain all the ways Trump could never become a dictator and how that differs from how Putin and others became dictators.

    • I think it’s clear the point @cvdavis is making, but yes, it is technically not true that Trump is a dictator. What does appear to be true is that he sometimes acts like a wannabe dictator.

    • I dunno, Dan, he sure seems to make a lot of dictator moves.

      It would be a very long list of things he unilaterally does like withdrawing from the Paris accord and granting clemency for Roger Stone that leaders of other democracies and even most dictators don't do.

    • How many people noticed he signed an executive order about the International Criminal Court, apparently because Iran could win a war crimes law suit against him for assassinating one of their generals? He did it by dictate, a move not even Putin or Kim Jong Un have done.

    • One of the things I base my opinion on polititians is if they love our country and are acting in what they believe is the best interest of our country.

      Is the intent of their actions in the best interest of the American people? So many components as always. Security, prosperity, freedoms, rule of law. Not in any order and certainly tons more things to consider. Trump is big on fairness, is it fair? But to understand more beyond these basic filters of a presidents action we must also look at the person and their tactics.

      Delaying the election by decry would be a dictatorial move, One that a president has no power to implement. Say outside of war or martial law, but is threatening via twitter to promote the ballot harvesting question wrong by a president? Isn’t creating a national discussion a good thing from a leadership point of view?

      Trump knows China is an adversary. He has pummeled this topic for at least 20 years. Tik Tok is a bargaining chip and a Sun Tzu move on Trumps part. Not shockingly it worked and his threats achieved exactly what he intended. Tik Tok will have secure American collection of data. It will be sold. His actions only increased the value of the company and it’s exposure to America.

      Tik Tok used to be only kids. Now everyone is doing it. It is highly influencial. It is also highly skewed towards Trump. Scroll thru the #fyp and you will see what I’m talking about. What he did in regards to Tik Tok was not dictatorial at all. The one platform that is completely pro Tump he just put into secure American hands. (Microsoft is handling data collection)

      Does this pass my him believing he is acting in the best interest of America test?

    • Trump acts in his own interest and not the country’s. If it happens to help the country too then that’s a bonus. Republicans decide what to do in general and he focuses on things that’ll help him. That’s how I see it. I’ll need more evidence to be convinced he gives two shits about anyone but himself.

    • Either. Current covid response is hurting him money wise though. I think he needs to get re-elected to avoid serious legal issues. We need more trump supporters on here to get a better sense of the other side. Trump’s current tweet about Fauci shows he doesn’t care about anyone but himself and he’ll lie, deceive, bend the rules, break the rules and break the law.

    • Trump has been going on about it should be very clear he lost early in the tally. If it’s even close, as far as I’m concerned the USA has lost even if Biden ends up winning. Anything but a landslide will reflect poorly on the USA.

      As a Canadian, I can perhaps see why you just fail to understand the Electoral College system we've had now for...darn near two centuries. This Time magazine article explains in context to a recent Supreme Court ruling:

      Unfortunately, the myths surrounding the Electoral College are powerful enough that politicians from non-battlegrounds are likely to vote against their own states’ interests. If the Electoral College math starts to decisively favor Democrats, we might get a constitutional amendment. Until then, we probably won’t.

      We've intentionally made change difficult.

      Anyway, back to the original topic. Election Day can't be changed. What needs to be changed is the apathy of the totality of the American electorate.

    • I understand the electoral college. I didn’t say anything that would suggest otherwise. I understand the importance of individual states and swing states and so on. You must have assumed I thought it was each person votes for Trump because I said tally, or maybe you assumed everyone outside of the USA doesn’t understand the system.

    • I think you are a very good man who sees the best in everyone, including Trump, and want him to succeed. I wanted him to succeed too and used to watch the Apprentice and had the impression that he was tough, smart, charismatic, and very successful so who knew, maybe he would be great for America? Some smart people I know still think so.

      I hope I'm not becoming cynical with age, but I like to think my eyes are more open than they were. One of my greatest heroes was Bill Cosby, I loved the Weinstein films and thought the world of the Weinstein brothers. I even loved OJ.

      But this guy has told too many obvious, painful lies, assaulted too many women and bragged about it, fumbled too many things like the pandemic response, attacked too many national heroes, slandered way too many icons like Meryl Streep and Anthony Fauci, denied way too much science, and made too many claims about presidential power he simply doesn't have but tries endlessly to seize.

    • I didn’t give up on Obama and I’m not going to give up on him. In reading the Bible cover to cover I see massive imperfection. The Bible calls even his chosen people stiff necked many times. Soloman wrote lots of the Bible. 600 concubines? What? God wanted he to be the sole leader as he is a jealous God. But no. Man wanted a king. So he capitulated. Look at the book of Kings. Good King followed bad King followed good King. When the King was good the people prospered. Dictators?

      Our system doesn’t allow dictators and certainly many have tried. We have the best system of checks and balances ever devised and why we have the most prosperous country in the history of mankind. (Who wants to get rid of the electoral college and fillibusters?) There is little evidence President Trump is an idealoge. As with apprentice and his life he tackles problems on a solution basis. His style is brash. But so is burning courthouses. Politics has become so incestious that sometimes it needs to be shook up.

      Imperfect men have always run our country and EVERY country since Adam and Eve. Luckily our freedoms come from our creator and he will likely step in soon. I personally do not think so, but many do.

    • Soloman wrote lots of the Bible. 600 concubines?

      I hope you’re not using the Bible to look the other way about the 25 women who accuse Trump of rape and sexual abuse.

    • When you say acts in his own self interest do you mean money?

      Or power?

      Absolutely both.
      Why won't he just release his taxes, like everyone else? Why is he still promoting his businesses any chance he gets? Why doesn't he respond to federal subpeonas? How many times has he broken the law as president? How many of those times have been unconstitutional?

      From the first link:

      Explaining his authority by stating that “[w]hen somebody’s president of the United States, the authority is total"
      . . .

      From the beginning President Trump, aided first by Attorney General Sessions and now by Attorney General Barr, has held expansive views about what the president should be able to do. Under the guise of the so-called “unitary executive theory,” this administration has claimed the authority to fire the FBI director for any reason, argued that the president is immune from criminal investigation let alone prosecution, and bypassed the congressional appropriations process to use military funds to build a wall on the southern border. Recognizing that the federal judiciary might be unreceptive to these claims, the administration has been busy appointing a record number of judges who embrace their views on presidential authority, stacking the decks, so to speak, for when executive power cases inevitably come before our federal courts.

      From the second link:

      Mocking the Constitution he swore to uphold, President Trump’s G7 comments confirm what we have long known: Unless the courts expeditiously require the President to comply with the words of America’s founders, constitutional provisions like the Foreign Emoluments Clause soon will lose all practical effect, allowing presidents to profit from foreign governments without first obtaining the consent of Congress. And if that happens, the American people will no longer have any assurance that their president is making decisions based on the best interests of the nation, rather than on personal interests.
      . . .

      Trump seems incapable of being influenced through normal channels, whether that be concerns about his reputational integrity or basic appeals to his humanity. This makes the prospect of facing hard consequences for any criminal, unconstitutional, or otherwise reprehensible behavior even more vital. Anything short of actual punishment, or the credible threat of such punishment, is essentially a license to continue tearing at the fabric of the rule of law.

      And this matters not just in terms of ensuring that no one — not even the president — is above the law, but also for the fundamental survival of our constitutional democracy. Every provision of the Constitution that is disregarded and disobeyed without consequence places the lasting protection of our rights and liberties at risk. Every order from Congress that goes effectively unenforced weakens the institution’s ability to protect the American people from corruption or other lawless behavior from the White House. Not just this White House, but every White House from here on that believes, as Trump proclaimed recently, that Article II of the Constitution gives him “the right to do whatever I want as president.”

      He may not be officially classed as a dictator, but he's trying.

      So much for those checks and balances.

    • I will never look the other way. How long did it take for Clintons abuse to be exposed? As these things come into the public domain we will have to address them.