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    • Trump acts in his own interest and not the country’s. If it happens to help the country too then that’s a bonus. Republicans decide what to do in general and he focuses on things that’ll help him. That’s how I see it. I’ll need more evidence to be convinced he gives two shits about anyone but himself.

    • I think you are a very good man who sees the best in everyone, including Trump, and want him to succeed. I wanted him to succeed too and used to watch the Apprentice and had the impression that he was tough, smart, charismatic, and very successful so who knew, maybe he would be great for America? Some smart people I know still think so.

      I hope I'm not becoming cynical with age, but I like to think my eyes are more open than they were. One of my greatest heroes was Bill Cosby, I loved the Weinstein films and thought the world of the Weinstein brothers. I even loved OJ.

      But this guy has told too many obvious, painful lies, assaulted too many women and bragged about it, fumbled too many things like the pandemic response, attacked too many national heroes, slandered way too many icons like Meryl Streep and Anthony Fauci, denied way too much science, and made too many claims about presidential power he simply doesn't have but tries endlessly to seize.