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    • I didn’t give up on Obama and I’m not going to give up on him. In reading the Bible cover to cover I see massive imperfection. The Bible calls even his chosen people stiff necked many times. Soloman wrote lots of the Bible. 600 concubines? What? God wanted he to be the sole leader as he is a jealous God. But no. Man wanted a king. So he capitulated. Look at the book of Kings. Good King followed bad King followed good King. When the King was good the people prospered. Dictators?

      Our system doesn’t allow dictators and certainly many have tried. We have the best system of checks and balances ever devised and why we have the most prosperous country in the history of mankind. (Who wants to get rid of the electoral college and fillibusters?) There is little evidence President Trump is an idealoge. As with apprentice and his life he tackles problems on a solution basis. His style is brash. But so is burning courthouses. Politics has become so incestious that sometimes it needs to be shook up.

      Imperfect men have always run our country and EVERY country since Adam and Eve. Luckily our freedoms come from our creator and he will likely step in soon. I personally do not think so, but many do.