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    • Trump needs to be voted out. The courts will deal with him after that. And when he dies, if there is a god, then he can deal with him.

    • Thank you, I personally work toward being Godly and pleasing to God. That might be a personal thing to tell but you asked.

      Thank you for the amazing lesson and every word was important. I have a bible friend and we have discussed David and Solomon at length. He says exactly as you have about Davids reaction vs Solomon’s to his/their displeasing of God. So yes I get that. As much as Solomon displeased God and was out of Gods favor he sure wrote a ton of the Bible. He wrote most of Psalms correct? My friend cannot say if he died in Gods favor (is he going to heaven) what do you think?

      I have no way of knowing what is in our presidents heart. Certainly if there are things he has done he should be on his knees repenting. I do believe Pence is a good man and Trump trusts his guidance. These opinions come back to the thread topic. I do not believe he wants to be a dictator. I do also believe he loves joking about it just to watch his opponents reactions.