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    • One of the things I base my opinion on polititians is if they love our country and are acting in what they believe is the best interest of our country.

      Is the intent of their actions in the best interest of the American people? So many components as always. Security, prosperity, freedoms, rule of law. Not in any order and certainly tons more things to consider. Trump is big on fairness, is it fair? But to understand more beyond these basic filters of a presidents action we must also look at the person and their tactics.

      Delaying the election by decry would be a dictatorial move, One that a president has no power to implement. Say outside of war or martial law, but is threatening via twitter to promote the ballot harvesting question wrong by a president? Isn’t creating a national discussion a good thing from a leadership point of view?

      Trump knows China is an adversary. He has pummeled this topic for at least 20 years. Tik Tok is a bargaining chip and a Sun Tzu move on Trumps part. Not shockingly it worked and his threats achieved exactly what he intended. Tik Tok will have secure American collection of data. It will be sold. His actions only increased the value of the company and it’s exposure to America.

      Tik Tok used to be only kids. Now everyone is doing it. It is highly influencial. It is also highly skewed towards Trump. Scroll thru the #fyp and you will see what I’m talking about. What he did in regards to Tik Tok was not dictatorial at all. The one platform that is completely pro Tump he just put into secure American hands. (Microsoft is handling data collection)

      Does this pass my him believing he is acting in the best interest of America test?