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    • It would be presumptious of me to say whether Solomon died in God's favor or not. There is nothing in the biblical text that makes it clear that he was in God's favor and much which makes it doubtful but we cannot know without revelation.

      The scriptures tell us to look at the fruit of a person's actions but it also makes it clear that we do not know all there is to know about each person.

      Donald Trump does not confine himself to joking. His behavior, even towards people in his own administration, demonstrates what kind of man he is. As long as he is still alive there is hope that he may some day change but his current behavior is indicative of a need for change.

      I don't know what Donald Trump wants but I do know that if he gains the whole world and lose his soul that it will not have benefited him anything.

      Character is more important than policy. The worldly may evaluate Donald Trump based on policies but the godly should ask themselves whether the way that he conducts himself manifests the kind of inner character which the scriptures have taught them to avoid.

    • @cvdavis, I directed my comments towards a specific person.

      Years ago, I quit voting and I am not seeking to engage in the political forum.

      My comment was not intended to be partisan in nature and this is one subject in which i will not engage with you.

    • My friend looked at me the other day and said I really didn’t have to sweat my life here. He said because I have eternal life. Does my belief in this make me really smart? Because what if I got this figured out and Trump doesn’t? That make me smarter than him?

      Baal seems to have been some super duper thing to worship. In spite of everything they had been thru Moses barely made it out of camp sprinting for the burning bush before they started molding metal into the shape of Baal. As many times as they fell into the Baal trap it never worked. It only worked when they put their faith in God. Yaweh is his name.

      So watching Trump hold the bible up in front of the church in La Fayette Park kinda told me he was into the God thing. He mentions all the time we worship one amazing God and in him we trust. Trust! = Faith?

      Does this sound like a dictator? I know one thing it’s like a cross to a vampire to his opponents. You know a cross doesn’t really bother a vampire so much. It’s the holders faith that the vampire fears.

    • Trump a religious believer??? That’s a joke if I ever heard one. When asked to state his favourite scripture he came up blank. Anyone who thinks he’s religious has their head in the sand.

    • Trump has lost the vote of my sister, who voted for him on the grounds of her strong views on abortion and religious freedom. She feels he has at the very least turned a blind eye to white supremacy and in general, has failed to unite the country. That’s why she’ll be voting third party come November. She’s given up. Given that my sister wanted to give him every benefit of the doubt for so long and cares very much about fundamental conservative issues, I think it shows that Trump has really screwed up in terms of broadening his support. He has instead pandered only to his base and in the process alienated some conservatives who would vote for virtually any other Republican candidate but him. That’s what’s been his undoing.

    • White Supremecy? Sigh,

      Have you seen what Trump has done with child trafficking? With Pedophilia? How about the decimation of MS-13. Abortion has become rare and certainly the black community is ticked off about how abortion has decimated their families.

      All war is deception-Sun Tzu

      He says he’s going to ban Tik Tok, He says we should have a discussion about mail in ballot fraud. Now he encourages Florida folks to ask for absentee ballots. In order to understand his results you have to understand him. He is not an ideologue, he is results driven. Just like you would expect from a contractor builder.

      90 days is a lifetime in politics especially a presidential election, heck, 30 days is a lifetime. Your sister will likely go thru many ups and downs as the election gets closer. I’ll bet you a cup of Starbucks coffee she will not throw her vote to a third party. Caring about abortion and her other issues are important enough to not lose the Supreme Court over them.

      Putting America first is not the act of a dictator. Throwing our country to the worldwide wolves is. Does anyone disagree that China has handed us our lunch for at least 20 years?

      Have you heard of the Lincoln Project? So called Conservatives uncluding the Bush family hating our president. Trump supporters are closer to Reagan Democrats, not Billy Crystal, Ben Shapiro, or George T Conway the third conservatives.

      Why do you think he is so hated by the fringes on both sides but loved by the middle? In politics the middle is the sweet spot.

    • I'm glad she is able to see his ways and isn't afraid to vote against him. His appointing judges and such should ensure anti-abortion stuff keeps moving forward even if a democrat is voted in. I sure hope democrats get out to vote despite the pandemic. Mail-in voting :) Trump sees the writing on the wall and that's why he's attacking mail in. If he felt comfortable that he'd win, he certainly wouldn't be figuring out how to deal with a loss.

    • Sigh, classic support for Trump saying he's essentially emptying the swamp. People don't have to disagree with everything the Republicans are doing to want to get rid of Trump. People can be happy with the actions against China and still want to get rid of Trump. People care about the character of the person in charge and they can see that's he's interested in himself and not the country. He's a divider and not making America stronger. He's alienating American allies and dividing the country. Much of what his government does is not because Trump came up with the ideas but rather people such as Steve Bannon. I'm guessing you're a believer in the deep state as well. I could of course be wrong on this last assumption.

      I love what the Lincoln Project is doing.

    • I wonder what Bill Buckley would say about the Lincoln Project. I wonder what Abraham Lincoln would say about it.

      It’s really hard to wrap around this idea that our president does what he does for personal gain. Because if I were a billionare I really do not need anything. Bannon seems to have a good mind but he’s been gone way to long to consider him in the current tense,

      Look no farther than Bill Gates to find a deep state boogyman. Vaccine? Really? Doesn't get much more dictorial than forcing me to inject his potion in me and my family.

      Did Obama weaponize the IRS agsinst Tea Party Americans? Why yes, yes he did. Dictatorial?

    • Well simply say if you were joking about Bill Gates. Otherwise I’ll assume no. I had to take it in context with the other comments and was about 80% that you were a conspiracy theorist. 20% room left :-)

    • I would prefer not to make discussions here personal. It looks like that is the direction you want to head. One of the things I like about this place is most folks remain on topic. Like I said, I enjoyed the conversation. The very best to you.