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    • My friend looked at me the other day and said I really didn’t have to sweat my life here. He said because I have eternal life. Does my belief in this make me really smart? Because what if I got this figured out and Trump doesn’t? That make me smarter than him?

      Baal seems to have been some super duper thing to worship. In spite of everything they had been thru Moses barely made it out of camp sprinting for the burning bush before they started molding metal into the shape of Baal. As many times as they fell into the Baal trap it never worked. It only worked when they put their faith in God. Yaweh is his name.

      So watching Trump hold the bible up in front of the church in La Fayette Park kinda told me he was into the God thing. He mentions all the time we worship one amazing God and in him we trust. Trust! = Faith?

      Does this sound like a dictator? I know one thing it’s like a cross to a vampire to his opponents. You know a cross doesn’t really bother a vampire so much. It’s the holders faith that the vampire fears.