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    • I’m sitting at the airport and wondering if I should rent the Skyroam Solis for the upcoming trip to Europe? Wi-Fi in Europe sucks. Spotty, slow and generally unreliable connection for anything other than checking email. I’m used to having fast connection on my phone in US, but roaming charges and international travel plans are pretty expensive for the 4G LTE unlimited data.

      I would mostly use the data to navigate on my phone in Europe, check emails and browse on my laptop. I don’t plan on streaming movies.

      There seems to be two options: rent for $10 per day, buy a $150 hotspot + $9 per day or $99 a month. I’ll be traveling for 2+ weeks so I wonder if its worth buying or renting. Are there any alternatives?

    • not sure who your carrier is....but, with ATT it costs only $10/day if you do any transmission, unlimited for the most part. I have not been to Europe in a while but I have never really had a problem....

    • What I did in my last trip was buy from Amazon a SIM card for my unlocked Motorola Android phone.

      "Orange Holiday Europe – 10GB Internet Data in 4G/LTE (+10GB Additional for SIMS Activated from April 4TH) + 120 mn + 1000 Texts in 30 Countries in Europe
      by Orange" With the offer it came to 20 GB which I didn't even finish using even after watching and downloading Netflix movies. I think there may be even better deals today.

      It worked a treat, for all my data and communication needs, at $49.90, I did not have to run around buying cards at my destination, 4G signal was everywhere with excellent connection quality. It was valid for the first few weeks I stayed there, with option to extend it (got notified by text with a link how to). And I did hot spot my phone when needed.

      Edit - Recently someone suggested and used this one:

      I will say again, the connection quality was excellent and never out of coverage, but of course this could vary depending where you travel.

    • OMGWTFNO! Dude, what are you talking about? Just get a local SIM card and be done with it. For $10-$20 you can get a 4G SIM card with 10GB of data pretty much anywhere in Europe. And roaming in Europe is free (for EU SIM cards), so whenever you go, you just need a single SIM card to cover you for the whole trip.

      If you really need to have your US number accessible and don't have a dual-SIM phone, just get (or borrow) a cheapest 4G Android you can get (we're talking about $50 here), open up a WiFi access point on it and that's it.

    • I have AT&T and as you've pointed out they have a $10 International Day Pass for unlimited voice and text. I assume it will also have unlimited data since that is a part of my plan here in US.

      Since I'll be in Europe for 2+ weeks I looked into $60 Passport 1GB or $120 Passport 3GB for a month. But I don't think it is enough data for me. I need at least 10GB for peace of mind.

    • I dug deeper into my actual usage and it was shockingly lower than I thought! Turns out the usage stat on the iPhone that I relied on up until now doesn't mean what I thought it did.

      If you go to Cellular > Cellular Data > Current Period X.XX.GB means since last Reset Time, which is hidden at the very bottom of the page. I thought it meant data usage this month! In my case, I was using 89GB but over the last 2 years, not over the last month. 🤯

      I bet very few people actually know this and I'm genuinely shocked. It is unintuitive at best and feels deceptive.

    • Here is my actual Cellular Data from AT&T account over the last year:

      2019 May 7.0GB

      2019 Apr 4.7GB

      2019 Mar 4.1GB

      2019 Feb 1.8GB

      2019 Jan 1.5GB

      2018 Dec 1.4GB

      2018 Nov 2.8GB

      2018 Oct 3.9GB

      2018 Sep 2.1GB

      2018 Aug 2.9GB

      2018 Jul 6.3GB

      2018 Jun 4.2GB

      2018 May 4.0GB

      So 5GB should cover most of my usage assuming I'll be using hotel's Wi-Fi.

    • @Vilen any US based carrier plans for international travel are pure rip off. So unless you really, really, really want your phone number to be active during that visit, there is no other reason to throw your money away by using AT&T which really would just be selling you Orange connection or some other carrier while roaming, and not to getting a SIM card (and if your phone is locked to the carrier you can and should call them now to give you a code to unlock it before leaving, so you can actually use it with a sim card other than AT&T). It is that simple. You will enjoy your travels and have great coverage, being connected with us all.

    • Before a trip to Iceland a few years ago I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile, since T-Mobile offers free unlimited international data on their standard plans.

      The catch is that you only get 2G speeds, but that turned out to be fine. It was plenty to allow me to use my phone for maps, looking things up, and even casual browsing when I didn't have access to wifi. And I was happy not to have to go to great pains to try to find and activate a prepaid SIM card, which seems like it should be easy but had been a huge inconvenience on previous international trips.

    • For what is worth, the biggest inconvenience I experienced while switching carrier's SIM with the one I pre purchased, was dropping and almost losing the tiny SIMs under the passenger seats area in front while doing the swap during my overseas flight. Being able to watch at will Netflix, downloading many for in flight watching, and listening to Napster, Spotify, downloading maps, etc. was highly enjoyable and very price effective. I will never tie myself ever again to a "provider" and will never be buying a phone from them with a "discount".

    • I always seem to have trouble finding prepaid SIMs in the first place when I travel. You'd think they'd be easy to find in airports, especially in international terminals, but I've wandered around airports in Australia, New Zealand, and Iceland without having much luck finding them.

      In Melbourne I did eventually find an electronics store while wandering downtown and they sold me a prepaid SIM, which I was then unable to activate because the carrier wouldn't accept payment from a credit card associated with a non-Australian address. So I had to get my friend who lives there to pay for it with his card. It was ridiculous and a huge waste of time.

      These days I'm happy to avoid that trouble.

    • I hear you - and agree. depending on the destination travel (which in my opinion is the critical aspect), they may not be very popular and so it could become a bit of a hassle to buy and use them. What I was suggesting is buying them here in US, before the trip - it's what I did to avoid the hassles of looking for them and potentially the payment issue. Mine did require a refill after the three week that I had already paid for when purchasing it. It also required (per EU laws) to send a picture of my ID and fill out registration form. I now have a French number and generous data plan, I should be able to refill and use when I go back. I should report back in few months how that worked.

    • Worst WiFi ever. The WiFi was so slow I could hardly search the internet, certainly could not watch a movie, and was dropped from every conference call I had for work. I tried in major cities New York and Berlin where fast internet is totally possible. This was after spending hours just to get the device to operate properly without freezing and constantly rebooting. I lost so much time and money trying to get the Skyroam to work. When I asked for help, customer service was shockingly bad, argumentative and not offering troubleshooting suggestions. I demanded a full refund but only received partial. Total waste. Don’t frustrate yourself with this thing. 

    • Wow, thank you for chiming in with your hands on experience. Do you think the biggest problem was with the device or the poor network coverage?

      Was the connection in Berlin better or worse than New York?