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    • Do you remember reading about the man who was literally dragged off a United Airlines flight in April 2017? One of the questions people had was “Why was he the one they picked?” People speculated that it might have been because of his race or spoken language.

      The reality was that, for both better and worse, that had nothing to do with why he was picked. He was picked because United Airlines used mathematical modeling to determine that he was their least profitable customer.

      Robert Kaplinsky is a mathematician who studies the hidden math behind real world events. Reading the below article, I found the details of why they selected this particular passenger fascinating and I learned a few tips of how to avoid being picked when a flight is overbooked.


      “Math Modeling Can Get You Kicked Off A Plane”

    • Dang. I was hoping he was going to go through the process of comparing a few different passengers and illustrate how the modeling would be applied...

    • In the early days of Amazon when they were growing like crazy and their servers couldn't always keep up, their algorithms would prioritize frequent shoppers onto the servers with the best response times.

      It was common on the Internet back then when getting a rush of traffic to send undesirable IP addresses into the ether, so your service might appear to be down in Nigeria and up in Germany.