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    • I didn't buy a lot of tech this year, so I don't have a long list to choose from. Even so, my Galaxy Watch has been serving me very well ever since I got it, and so it's easy for me to name it as my best tech purchase of the year (so far 😉).

    • I have purchased a number of items over the last year, some are techi/electronic gadgets, some are tools, and other flotsam and jetsam along the way.

      I really like EarPods, and I'll probably break down and buy EarPod Pros , but the price just still puts me off right now, even though I like my other noise cancelling earphone/headphones.

      I really like facial recognition on my phone.. Whether it is safer or more secure, I don't know for sure yet, but I like the way the phone is ready to go by the time I have it in front of me.

      I bought several DeWalt brushless battery powered tools this year ( chain saw, fan, drill ), and I do really like their battery powerered FlexVolt chain saw - quiet, no yanking and yanking a cold flooded engine to get it to start - just turn on the button, press the trigger and ZOOM - I'm cutting wood.

      And not little tiny limbs either, but 4 or 6 inch limbs. This electric chain saw really rocks. Quiet too, no ear protectors needed. It is still dangerous if used improperly, but it is powerful, fast, fairly light, and pretty quiet. A nice upgrade to a gas chain saw, unless you are really planning on felling trees.

      The battery powered fan will run for hours and hours, and can be charged with a 12V charger - I am thinking this might be nice in an RV as an extra fan to move air....

      Another item I am enjoying is a Sonos Amp - a BlueTooth Amp in the Sonos menangerie - A Class D digital amp that throws 125 W per channel. It works so well I no longer use speakers connected to my desktop computer anymore - I simply hit Spotify on my phone, choose my "Office" for output, and my large bookshelf speakers behind me begin to play lovely lists of my choice - all via my home WIFi network so I can listen all day without worrying about cellular data amounts or signal strengths.

    • I've been a disappointed Mac user for years. The high cost for a mediocre Mac workstation is appalling. The new Mac Pro solidified this-- it's twice as expensive as near-identical PC components. 

      So, instead of paying the Apple Tax, I built a custom desktop workstation for all my creative applications -- like Photoshop and Premiere. I chose the new AMD Ryzen 9 3900X as the CPU at its core, and I'm more than satisfied. It blows Intel CPUs out of the water with its 12 cores, 24 threads, and a boost clock speed of 4.6GHz, for a fraction of the price. It competes with Intel's $3,100 flagship W-3175x server CPU. By leaps and bounds, it's the fastest available non-server CPU available.

      At $500, the Ryzen 9 3900X is pure productivity gold. It cuts 4K video like butter without dropping frames, even with 10-bit color and H.265 decoding. It runs heavy Lightroom and Photoshop loads without bogging my system down.

    • Wow, @kevin I feel like a country bumpkin after your post - I'm lauding electric chain saws and you're building supercomputers. 🥺😀

      My iMacPro IS running Intel Xeon W's, I think - supposedly 3.0 Ghz with 10 cores. It seems adequate , but not remarkably fast running LightRoom. I think hundreds and hundreds of 30Mb plus image files are just challenging for home computers still.

      It is much faster than my 2013 trash can Mac. I think even Thunderbolt 3 isn't fast enough for all the data that needs to flow through my system at times.

    • I'm lauding electric chain saws and you're building supercomputers. 🥺😀

      By the weekend, I'm country too. That's the irony. I needed your exact chain saw last Friday night. I went climbing in a remote area of the Sierra Nevada, and a fallen tree made the road impassable. I never bring my gas chainsaw on trips because the gas makes the car stink, leaks everywhere, and I always forget to fill it up. That DeWalt would be perfect for my needs.

      It's a horrible photo, but here you see that tree in our way:

    • A colleague of mine purchased Shure IEMS and as someone who was using Anker Bluetooth earphones before, I was blown away by the sound reproduction. I have always preferred less bassy sound because my migraine gets triggered easily, and the Shure SE 215s had a very flat sound. I did not want to spend a bomb though and started researching alternatives.

      So there's a thing called Chi-fi audio which is Chinese manufacturers selling audio accessories at a fraction of the cost of branded ones. I trawled through Reddit and head-fi forums and finally pulled the trigger on the KZ ZSN on Banggood. It costs approximately $20 and delivers shockingly amazing value for that price. There are a lot of other KZ models in a similar price range and I think it won't be wrong to call them the Xiaomi of Audiophiles.

      The Verge recently covered Chi-fi in article too:

    • Once I went down the audiophile rabbit hole, my Shure toting friend convinced me (very easily) to go for a DAC as well. The result was this Shanling M0 - a pint sized DAC that can be paired via Bluetooth to your phone or plugged into your computer or other device. It has a USB C port and a micro sd slot as well.

      Does it sound better than my OnePlus 5? Only marginally in my opinion. The panning of instruments on a few songs if using flac files are definitely more pronounced and the Soundstage is definitely wider. All in all it does make listening to music enjoyable and I guess that's what counts.

    • Also one thats light on tech this year, if anything I am trying to reduce possessions as much as I can, I did pick one thing up last week for next years use. A DJI osmo pocket, to do a little more video as travel will be a little more unique next year.

      ...but on opeining it I found that my android phone isn't upto the challenge of the required technology, so the Osmo is requiring me get a new phone!

    • I'v'e been trapped high up on mountain roads by fallen trees, too, when riding motorcycles with my son in the Snowy Mountains of Wyoming There were a couple trucks with families with small children trapped uphill too, and needless to say, none of us had a chainsaw - especially us folks on two wheels.

      So we manhandled a 400cc Yamaha across the 1 yard diameter trunk scross the road, and a fellow rode down the mountain 25 miles to town and found a good samaritan with a 30 in chainsaw and a nice 1 ton pick pu to come up and rescue all of us before sundown that day.

      I don't know if my electric saw would be big enough for that tree though, but it would certainly make a head start. You might want to carry more than one battery for large trees, but I've never drained one 9 amphour battery bucking branches in my yard.

    • So I have to admit I wanted the best tech to be the Microsoft Surface X but every review I read and watched screamed “don’t “ so I didn’t! I did invest in new Apple Air Pods Pro - are the Bose ? Nope, but at the gym when I really like to listen to my podcasts and to be left alone - they are great! And they don’t fall out when I am wearing a hat outside while walking!

    • The best tech I've acquired this year is probably the AmpliFi HD Mesh Wi-Fi system. It's provided a significant upgrade in coverage and speed for our house. The app for managing the system is fantastic and the I set up a VPN to my home system using the Teleport app.