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    • This is the third year for Silicon Valley Comic Con, where 60,000 sometimes costumed people descend on what Woz describes as "the convergence of science, technology and pop culture." What does that even mean? I went Friday night to find out.

    • One of the huge draws of the show is 95-year-old Stan Lee, who was signing autographs and posing for photos. The lines and wait times to see him were GINORMOUS.

      He's a true legend, the creator of so many awesome characters like Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, Dr. Strange and so many more in collaboration with other artists.

    • This is just one piece of the line waiting to get his autograph. The other piece of the line was about this size. You can see people holding multiple things for him to sign.

    • There are some amazing costumes. This guy said he spent 6 months working on this. He got a ton of attention.

    • He had a million poses he could break into on demand, and the demand was huge because he always had a big crowd surrounding him.

    • It's a kid-friendly show so the costumed characters were super popular, especially among the parents who had to get a thousand photos of their child with their heroes.

    • And if the line was too long for your biggest hero, Stan Lee? Hey even a cardboard cutout is pretty awesome.

    • The name may highlight comics but one of the panels I went to last night was all about Star Wars the movies, with a full panel of actors, moderated by Gary Whitta, co-writer of ROQUE ONE.

      Good time to get a photo of the kids in their Star Wars stuff.

    • Pretty surprising how much science was there. NASA had a pretty big booth and there were lots of science sessions on topics like flying cars and robots.

      The people in the booth were very respected and fascinating scientists, like Mike Shirley, shown here. Even the TV cameras wanted some clips.

    • Hmmm, here's the thing about being a parent. You can't hustle your kids past displays like this one without them saying "PLEASE!!"

    • Lots of teens and 20-somethings. It seemed strange that Boosted, the electric skateboard company would have a big booth at the show. What does that have to do with Comic Con? They replied "young audience!" They had a big section of hard floor where you could test ride a Boosted.

    • There was even a vegan outreach booth. They were giving away samples of hummus crackers and vegan cheese. Pretty yummy actually. So I asked what that was about. "Young audience! Culture."

    • I'd post more but I have to hustle back and see if I can meet Richard Saul Wurman, founder of TED. He said on 60 minutes that the greatest thing in life is a conversation between people. His panel with Kevin Eubanks is what it means to be human. Gotta hear that.

    • Just got back after being determined to meet Richard Saul Wurman, founder of TED.

      Richard is in his 80s and recently published a wonderful book, Understanding Understanding.

      I was dying to speak to him because we plan panel conversations so when the traffic gets high, the panel can be heard without being drowned out by all the comments.

    • His session was incredible, and packed. He got mobbed by autograph seekers and people who wanted their photo with him, so I despaired. But I got a moment to tell him how much I admired TED when he was running it and it was still a conversation between people rather than the current broadcast format, he brightened up. And I mentioned some mutual friends like Andy Hertzfeld and Bill Atkinson. Then he roared and said let's talk! And he gave me his card.

      Score one for the future of Cake today.

    • I am going tomorrow! It will be my first time going, so I am super excited to check everyone out. I'm hoping to get a few portraits of some of the costume goers. Maybe I'll see some of you around!

    • Btw, what it means to be human, according to Richard: interests. You learn what you're interested in, you forget what you're not, even if you studied it and forced yourself to memorize.

      Kevin Eubanks was asked how he chose music as a career. He said it wasn't like that. He did music because it interested him, and he hung out with people who had his same interests. When he was broke and couldn't pay his rent because he was a musician, it was okay because music. He didn't choose or plan a career, it just happened because he was so interested in music.

      I had that in mind as I toured the packed show after. People looked so happy in their costumes, working their booths, signing their autographs. I saw so much joy today.

    • one of the guys stood in line for a photo with Mr. Lee. Aside from the long lines, there were a number of folks who brought items for signature.

      Stories of his ill health and even video from the event were pretty hard to watch or hear. But he did soldier on and sign or pose for pics.

    • Stan Lee is an amazing man. Founder of Marvel still hustling on the front lines and making classic cameo appearances in all Marvel movies! I hope I have half the wit and energy right does if I live to be his age : )